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George – Jan 29, 2020

I worked at Orwox for one month and was told I successfully completed my probation period. Throughout my 30 day probation period Sylvia Fontana continued to provide feedback to me indicating that I was doing a great job and that she it looked good to become permanent. At the end of 30 days Emily from payroll told me my check was mailed and I confirmed the address just to be sure. Two weeks later still no check. I reached out to Emily and Sylvia again about the check and my surprise at not being made permanent. I was told a second check would be mailed and that Orwox had enough people now so I was no longer needed. After another two weeks by and my check still didn’t come I sent yet another email saying I would send a messenger to pick up the check so they didn’t need to mail the check. I confirmed the address to that was on the Orwox correspondence as the address the messenger should come to. In the past the pay check was ready in one day but I gave them 3. I never heard back. I left Sylvia Fontana messages however she never called me back. I began working for Orwox early November and fulfilled my obligations as expected. I have the email from Orwox thanking me yet they have not fulfilled their obligation to me which is to pay me.

Nicholas – Jan 29, 2020

Victim Location 20175

Type of a scam Employment

You are offered a job accepting packages, inspecting, relabeling and reshipping these packages using their CRM system. Once you have done this process and have past the probation requirements you will receive your first check via USPS mail. After your probation period you will be avaluated and then hired for a full/part time position with more responsibility and makng a bit more money. I finished my probation period on 12/18/2019 and have yet to received my check. It is now over 2-1/2 weeks since it was supposedly mailed. I have been in contact with the Sylvia Fontana and Emily in the payroll department to no avail. Do not trust these people. I wasted a lot of percious time, money and energy during the holidays to be left high and dry.

Joel –

Same thing happened to me!



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