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Calvin – May 01, 2020

CDGF Fraud account

Clinton – May 01, 2020

I had the same experience but I refused any other payments after they approached me saying I had to pay 550 dollars to get check release from IRS. I refused asked for refund got the run around. They have people working on every social media sites inboxing you rooting you on to do exactly what they say showing screenshots of their fake deposits like they received the funds but they all working together. They got 550 out of me but once they spoke on IRS I knew it was BS and I begin to threatening to report them and they left me alone.

Micah – Mar 02, 2020

Victim Location 96818

Type of a scam Government Grant

I am At a very low point in my life right now and need something to help with my debt. I was just doing some online research when I got a text like below. They proceeded to ask for my information and I fell for it… don’t EVER give out account information like I did. They are scammers trying to take your money.

Sara –

Victim Location 90806

Total money lost $2,000

Type of a scam Government Grant

This is a more modern variation of a previous type of scam "Lottery/Grant" type of scam. The original scam is you’re offered a choice from 20k – 1 million for x amount ($600-$3000) paid as "tax" but they’ll have trouble of depositing the money into your account because you’ve "never received that amount before so it rejected the deposit" and will have to send it by check, which will later be seized by the IRS and you’ll have to pay to get it out of custody etc. Then the check will be "lost" and they’ll have to send the money in cash by using a personal delivery driver, which will then proceed to be in an accident and you’ll need to pay more money to get the money out of another custody.

This iteration, is very similar, they offer the same amounts for the same prices, the same set of "coincidences/troubles" happens and they will even offer to pay off your credit cards and loans if you don’t take the loan. Now, they will legitimately pay off your cards/loans, BUT the payment will get returned which will then screw up your account and you will lose the credit cards. They offer wire transfer but will require your bank log in information "to complete the wire", which even if you’re not used to being scammed, you know is bull[censored]. If you ask for a refund, they’ll offer you a refund but you must pay for your refund, which they will then proceed to send more fake screenshots showing Wire, Direct Deposit and Paypal transactions failing, which is impossible to happen. Thus you will have to pay EVEN MORE money (in Gift Cards or Bit Coin) and when you ask them to send the money through wire or bitcoin, they’ll say they can’t send, only receive. No company can only receive money.

Do not do business with these guys, they will hack/clone your family member’s FB/IG account to try to seem legitimate and that they actually received the money. The first major red flag was gift cards, but some times when you’re desparate for help and you get turned down by everyone you don’t think clearly, so that’s the first sign it was, and when it should have stopped.

So if you’re looking for loans or any kind of financial assistance, DO NOT trust anything called a "grant" unless it’s from school or a credit union.



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