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Sophia –

Victim Location 32763

Type of a scam Employment

I have been applying for jobs through various web sites, so when I received the text figured it was legit. I spoke with a Elizabeth Connelly back and forth through Hangouts that she asked me to download for an easier chat experience. So the position was for a work at home accounting position,complete with online training and materials to be sent. Pay is $25.00 an hour, and is paid weekly via direct deposit. So after doing a chat room interview, I was told I would be a great candidate and that she had to speak with HR to make sure I was a good fit. One day later, I received an text message stating to contact her immediately. So I was offered the job, and the company eployment packet was sent out for me to sign. I was told I would be overnighted a laptop on Saturday, and that I would start next week on a Tuesday. Towards the end of the conversation, and reading through the employment packet, I was told to purchase a $100.00 Google card to in order to receive all needed materials. Ex: preachtree, other accounting programs that were to come with the computer. I told her I never had to pay for a job. She said not only would I be reimbursed for the money my first check, but she would put something extra in there for my birthday which was on a Friday. Saturday morning, she text did I get the Google card yet. Sunday, did I get the card yet. Mind you, no overnighted laptop came either. Monday came, and I text her and told her I couldn’t get the hundred dollars to start. She said, it as a great opportunity that I’m letting slip through my hands. So, Tuesday my start date, she came on hangouts,. Do you have what you suppose to. I said nope,still no hundred bucks. I heard no more from her. I went online and did more research, no info about any work at home Jobs, no number that worked for her office. Hell even the email address used was wrong, her email was same minus the it was just When reached, no good. I attached the employment papers I received, please be careful folks. She sold me hard, but my common sense kicked in when asked for money. Beware!!!!



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