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Theodore – Jun 09, 2020

just got that and i was alittle weired out didn’t quite trust so. so i asked would they be sndind the hek and i would be filling out necessary info.and when she replyed ” nope ” that wasy red flag NO NO NO NO

Juan –

Victim Location 40701

Total money lost $122.88

Type of a scam Employment

My sister receives emails about job offers and a business called Celergo Payroll/ Fabrics Company was offering a job. My sister forwarded me a job and I contacted them through text. I was contacted by the Hiring Manager of this company whose name was John Edward. He explained that I would be "printing and mailing out payroll checks for the company and mailing them out with the company information sending via UPS or FedEx." He said that I would have to order a certain type of check paper from Amazon and envelopes. I was told that I would be reimbursed for what I purchased, but I never was. He texted me from three different numbers and wanted me to download a texting app. The ad claimed that I would be paid monthly. I was suppose to get my check by mail. When the first month was over my pay didn’t come because there was a "delay." John Edward said that his "Boss" could only pay me via credit card. I told him that he would have to find another way to pay me and he wasn’t to thrilled. He then said that he would pay me through moneygram and kept reassuring that I would get paid, but two weeks passed and the pay never came. I told him that I was going to report him to the ScamPulse.com and he hasn’t responded to my texts in over a week.



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