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Leah – Jul 03, 2020

Victim Location 78217

Total money lost $5

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Searching for a source of cell phone charging cables, I found this website and ordered a cord, for just under $5.

After 4 weeks, noting had arrived, and I used their site to send messages asking when the item was actually put into the mailstream. No replies. No telephone number is listed. THen I noticed other notices about complaints similar to mine. Evidently, this "company" has no products, ships nothing, and just collects money. In addition, these people sell credit card information

Kristin – May 12, 2020

Victim Location 21201

Total money lost $212

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I made a purchase from this so-called business on 04/30/2020, with the order having been confirmed to have shipped a few days later on 05/01/2020. The item purchased in this order was a phone case for my mobile device. After receiving the item, I found myself to be displeased with the item and requested a refund, to which I was informed that there would be a 20% restocking fee deducted from any possible refund, on top of me likely paying for return shipping. Between 05/01 and 05/08, I learned of unauthorized purchases made from my bank accounts, made by a merchant claiming to be for transactions with Sprint Wireless. I managed to secure funds to one account, as that bank’s security alerts were enough to prevent actual theft; while I lost $212.00 from my other account because their policy requires the transaction to post, despite security measures implemented by me to prevent such fraudulent activity from occurring. Here’s the kicker: I never did business with Sprint, EVER. So I had to contact my second bank to confirm that an unauthorized purchase was made using my debit card. I don’t give out information to my bank, and I had just not too long ago opened an account with my second bank, therefore it is a relatively new account. So how my debit card information was released for an unauthorized purchase is something that shouldn’t at all have been possible.

Following this debacle, I had to get from both banks new debit cards issued to me, and I took measures to maintain security of my accounts. I found it ironic, after discussing it with a relative, that my accounts were hacked into given how it’s never happened before and I’ve been with my first bank for years. CellPhoneCases.com claims to have encryption services and high-level secure transaction protection provided by Norton itself. Yet any emails I get from this so-called business get filtered immediately into my Spam folder. I overlooked that small fact, as I considered this is the case sometimes with some third-party business where their emails may get filtered into Spam. However, I must stress this point: After twice doing business with them, I observed this is the only organization that I made orders with, whose emails are marked as Spam. No other company I’ve done business with in the past several years sends me emails that have been received and sent directly to my spam folder.

When I requested my refund, I informed this so-called business that my original payment method had been compromised. They seemed not to care, as they insisted that I can only get my partial refund if I sent the item back, and it had to be to the original payment method. Upon reading their last email, I sent an angry email indicating that I am no longer doing business with them. This group is nothing but a scam and they are quite likely the reason my accounts were compromised with unauthorized purchases in the first place. The good news is, after filing a dispute with my second bank, I was able to get back the $212 that had been taken out the account. However, it doesn’t change the fact that I spent $15 on a phone case that didn’t even look as it was advertised on the website. Please do not purchase from them: I found my debit cards compromised after making one purchase from their site, and the timing of it all (the span of a week across both accounts) adds up to when I made my order with CellPhoneCases.com on the 30th of April. I’ve made purchases from Amazon and other better known businesses and did not observe this issue. So I want to report these clowns as scammers so they can get shut down and this not happen to anyone else!

Keri –

Total money lost $30

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I bought online through the website of Cellphonecases.com a cellphone car holder. The amount was in Canadian dollars for the amount of CAD$22.99.

Cellphonecases charged me the equivalent of CAD$22.99 in currency American dollars US$30.10. Conversion rate In February 2017 was approx. 1.3094.

The cellphone car holder was announced in Canadian dollars on the website. But in the purchase order they did not specify any currency. I was agree with the price of CAD$22.99 that I saw on the web.

On my credit card they charged the equivalent in USD was USD$30.10. I made a claim to this company and they answered to return the product and pay the shipping. I returned the product and paid the shipping and they never return my money. They got my money and the product. I paid the shipping and I have nothing. I paid CAD30.10 and the shipping for nothing. I made a claim again and they did not answer my claims.

I would like to ask ScamPulse.com to proceed to investigate this scam.

I have all the support documentation in case you need it for investigation purposes.

Thank you very much and I hope this case can be clarified.



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