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Margaret –

Victim Location 92234

Total money lost $94.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Bought a product online called Cellumis and was only charged for shipping. there was no fine print nor was there anywhere that it explained it was a free trial and would charge you money every month. When you call the customer service number they hang up on you, yell at you, and do not offer to get your money back. I was charged almost 100 without authorization. they would not credit me back my money and even if I sent the product back they would only give me part of my money back. if you go online and look up cellumis you will see that there are hundreds of people that have had the same experience as me. It is a fraud and is should be stopped

Taylor –

Victim Location 65803

Total money lost $184.94

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Saw an ad for some face cream for a free trial only shipping charges required. Pop up with eye cream as well for just shipping charges. No details at all clearly provided as to when free trial ends and how much full charge would be. Checked account and noticed about $190 charged to my account. Called to cancel the order and they refused a refund. They said that any future orders would be canceled but I wouldn’t get a refund of the pending charges. I ask to speak to a manager or supervisor twice and they hung up on me.

Ronald –

Victim Location 95112

Total money lost $99

Type of a scam Other

Scamming for auto renew payments on a "free trail" offer.

Cellumis is a complete scam.

Micheal –

Victim Location 70126

Total money lost $280

Type of a scam Other

The company Cellumis mechanically has its website set up so that customers are encouraged to push a choice which quickly changes. The company’s whole online sell approach is deceptive and designed to trap the customer into a trial deal that when date exceeds, the customer must pay full price. This is written in fine print. They got me on that part. I did not, however, order one of the products that was sent. The product is a Cellumis eye product. The company’s website mechanically changed forcing me to push the button which happen to be accept. Cellumis sent me a product that I did not order and refused to accept it back because it had been opened, thus denying me a refund. I had notified the company via email that I had not ordered the product upon receiving the receipts which incidentally had not prices on them. It was my intention to inquire about not having a cost on the receipt but I neglected to do so.

Dana –

Victim Location 77845

Total money lost $94.99

Type of a scam Other

This company offers a "Free trial" for which they bill you after 14 days. Of course you have opened the product at that point, so it cannot be returned. If you call customer service, they offer you a discount, and after activating it, hang up on you. There is no way to cancel this, and they automatically ship you and charge you monthly.

Miranda –

Victim Location 30515

Total money lost $184.94

Type of a scam Other

They offer you a FREE sample to help you make up your mind and see if it works remotely at all as they say it will. Meanwhile, they are putting in an order for a monthly supply to be sent to you with charges that come directly from your account. I called customer service on the 10th to cancel the reoccurring order. I was told it was canceled. I just got charged the $89.95 & 94.99 There is no way this product is worth almost $200. Besides that, I canceled, at least I thought I did. I called customer service and Justin the rep tells me there is nothing he can do. The 14 day trial starts from the day I order, yeah, because that makes sense. It’s basically a trap. How do we know if it works or whether we like it in so little time? I gave it 12 days because I fell for the advertising and thought I’d give it a fair shot.



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