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Russell –

Victim Location 48336

Type of a scam Phishing

A representative came to my home and told me they were frommy energy company and that they informed me by letter that they would be by to discuss our account. They said that because they previously informed me they would be by that they could not leave unless I answered their questions and confirmed they hs spoken to me with their superior. They asked to see my most recent bill to confirm whether or not my energy company had lowered my charges. They asked me to confirm my address and asked my relationship to the account holder, who is my spouse. They said that my energy company owed me $100 and I needed to speak to their supervisor on the phone to confirm they notified me. I confirmed over the phone my address and that the account holder was my spouse and the call ended. They left and I realized something wasn’t up and realized the representative had a lanyard on with a different company name that they had been covering until they recovered my information. I received a notice in the mail today (4/11/18) that a third party energy company cancelled my energy services.



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