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Marisa – Apr 21, 2020

Victim Location 77707

Type of a scam Utility

My father received a call on April 6th from 281-857-6666. The gentleman name David I believe claimed to be with Centerpoint Energy and that my father was at risk of getting his gas cut off due to non-payment. We explained to the gentleman that we never received a bill therefore, it was on the company’s end that this matter needed to be addressed. Back and forth conversation ensued between him and my father and finally with myself. He stated over and over that he had a dispatcher on hold and can only hold the dispatcher for 30min max (by this time, we had been on the phone for almost 30min). He stated in order to stop the dispatcher, we would need to pay via CashApp only and not online because the bill was overdue and the urgency of the payment could only be completed by CashApp. If we used the online option (which he never divulged more info about) we would still have the gas cut off because the payment would be not be displayed on his account until 48hrs later.

I asked various questions such as why would he still have his gas cut off if he paid online? Despite the 48hr wait, the payment would still be in the processing phase and thus displayed on the company’s end. I also asked why CashApp was being offered when in-fact the Centerpoint’s website did not reflect this as an option. At this point he was raising his voice, screaming about why I did not understand that my dad’s gas was at risk of being shut off if we did not use the CashApp and the dispatcher would be arriving in soon (at this point we had been conversing for about an hour). He continued to interrupt my questioning and comments by yelling over me and threatening to send the dispatcher and he was "sorry" but the gas would be cut off.

I finally called customer service of Centerpoint Energy to complain about the gentleman – who was still on the phone but talking with my dad – and they revealed that it was a scam. My dad’s gas had never been cut on since his account opened and the equipment was installed. I immediately told my dad who hung up the phone promptly. While he did not give him my dad’s credit/debit card numbers, I do not know if my dad gave him the address and his full name since he answered the call initially.

Kyle –

Victim Location 77901

Type of a scam Utility

I received an automated message from 1-800-592-2000 (which is the actual CenterPoint Energy phone number) that states:

"Message from the disconnection department of Center Point Energy, the electricity company. To inform you that you will be experiencing a disconnection of service today within 30 minutes due to non payment on the account. Please contact billing head quarters as soon as possible to avoid service interruption at 1-800-609-9420."

I called 1-800-592-2000 to verify because we do not have anything with CenterPoint and they stated it was a scam. Which is why the scammers give a different call back number. I fear that several elderly will fall victim with the fear of having their electrical services cut off. I will save the message if it’s needed. Thank you.

Tiffany –

Victim Location 77005

Type of a scam Utility

Received a recorded phone call saying that our electric service account was past due and to avoid service disruption to please call the toll free number 1-800-715-3327. When called you get the standard beginning of the Centerpoint answering system message about English or Spanish, then if it is an emergency to …all the same but where if it was a real number for Centerpoint you would be able to just talk into the phone or select other. Here you can’t. The only option is to press 3 which sends you to some guy or woman who answers and asks how can they help you. They ask for your account number. I told the guy that he was a crook and he hung up.. Just call the telephone number on your bill.

Victoria –

Victim Location 77450

Type of a scam Utility

Claimed they were coming to turn electricity off at my my house. Claimed we hadn’t paid in two months which is completely false and the reason I didn’t think they were legit. I claimed they were scamming me and they hung up.

Edward –

Victim Location 77449

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Caller identified himself as a representative from center point energy and said I was 2 months behind on my payments and they were about to cut off power to my house if i didn’t pay them immediately.



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