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Dylan – Feb 20, 2020

Victim Location 63118

Total money lost $5,200

Type of a scam Investment

I have had a major problem while attempting to purchase a property in *** *** *** Mexico with Century 21 franchise Caribbean Paradise. My agent is Mary *** *** and the person in charge of closing the deal (Mary was out of town during this time) is named Juan ***. The actual closing date has been postponed on 2 different occasions because, according to Juan, the Trust account was not yet ready on their end. The most recent closing date was supposed to be on December 15, 2019 however Juan still didn’t have the trust completed but said we could figure out a way around it and we could close on the 17th of December 2019. I booked my flight into Cancun for the 16th and traveled to Mexico (from my original home in the midwest) after having terminated my lease early (with a penalty) (and moved out) and having sold my car. I was planning on living in my new house in Mexico after this closing and from that point on; in fact I had only booked one night stay at a hotel in Cancun. Juan took me to do a final walk-thru of the property on the 17th (this was my first time seeing the property in person). The house had black mold on the outside and 2 A/C units were in need of repair/replacement (no one had disclosed this) BUT I was going to proceed with the purchase regardless. The property owner mandated that the payment be made in pesos (not USD) so I had arranged an exchange transfer company *** to handle the transaction accordingly. I called and gave the transfer account information (supplied by Juan) to *** but they were unable to send the money because it was a "private" account (not a business account) which is illegal (to send such a large deposit to private accounts unless you’re transferring to yourself). Juan had no business account to complete the money transfer so the transaction could not be completed and we could not close on the property. How can they sell properties to anyone with no business account available to do transactions through???! Juans reason for this is that "nobody wants to pay taxes on that money". So I had to book another hotel and arrange a flight back to where I used to live to stay with a friend (as I had moved out of my residence). I still agreed to keep my word and go through with the purchase and requested Mary to make a new contract which would have a corrected closing date and include a stipulation about the mold and broken A/C units (both issues needed to be fixed). Juan contacted me and said to come back and that he would personally "take care of everything" although he still had no new contract available. I was not about to waste another trip without even having a contract. At this point, after all the chaos, and missed commitments I really don’t have any reason to trust these people will keep their word. This has been the most frustrating waste of time, energy and money and, to add insult to injury, Juan refuses to return my earnest money ($4,200 USD) or the $1,000 USD paid towards setting up the Trust (that was never even completed). I’m also out the money I spent going down there for all this ($800 USD). I would just like to have my money refunded and be done with this whole deal BUT NOBODY WILL CALL ME BACK! I’ve tried repeatedly to contact Century 21 Headquarters and their International Affairs Department as well as their customer service. I keep getting the run-around for going on a month now.



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