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Cassie – Mar 13, 2020

Victim Location 60630

Type of a scam Debt Collections

On 03/10/20 I received (thru US Mail) a "Final Notice" for debt collection of $16.29, from CER AMERICA IL LLP using an email address of: [email protected] This notice listed me as a patient and provided an account# and a statement date of 03/02/20. As listed on this notice A PO BOX 582663 in Modesto, California. This notice stated this account, listed in my name, was past due and if immediate payment was not received, it would have a negative impact on my credit Report. Upon attempting to obtain further information from this company, they stated they could not provide any further info to me (ie: date of medical service, location of said service, service provided, etc..), referring me to other phone #’s which were a dead end as well. upon Googling this company I learned that this "Medical Company" is based in California. I have never been to California, let alone had any medical services there. Any and all of the medical services that I know that I have incurred have and continue to be paid in full upon 1st receiving them. Another thing I noticed is that there are "Pay by Phone" #’s on this statement as well: 866-954-4405 and 209-252-0601(International Callers) as well as www.epayitonline.com. Is it a coincidence that I have seen these same phone numbers on my caller ID when I’m getting the Scam Calls: " Hi I’m your Computer Tech that worked on your computer last time" and the computer auto voice stating "Your credit card will be charged $$$$ automatic for computer services unless you call immediately". These calls have slowed but not stopped. I feel sorry for the vulnerable people who falls for these scams. Something needs to be done.



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