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Bradley – Jun 29, 2020

Victim Location 45067

Total money lost $650

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Okay everyone, I know I am plain stupid for doing this, but I want all of you to avoid my mistake….today I paid someone $650 in "Little Rock, Arkansas" for a 10 week old Boxer puppy. Everything seemed legit, until it came to receiving an email from the "airport" after I purchased the puppy to pay $980 for a special airline crate for it to be housed in on its way to Ohio, of which $950 would be 100% credited back upon receiving the dog. Everything up until that point checked out, address, phone area code, even name of breeder + the website was amazing. https://certifiedboxerpuppiesbreeder.club/available-puppies

WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT BUY A DOG FROM THIS WEBSITE!!! IT IS ALL FAKE! They take your money, then try to get you to pay even more money. They will send you a legitimate looking contract that sounds perfect, yet it is all a scam. I even had a vet visit already setup for this puppy. I have a crate, dog bed, dog bowls, puppy toys, puppy food, collar, and even an ID tag engraved with the dog’s name and my address coming tomorrow. I fell for it, but please don’t make my same stupid mistake. I just wanted to make you aware that this is going on. I did have the police over to take a report, but they told me not to count on much.



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