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Cara – May 11, 2020

Victim Location 30180

Total money lost $5,000

Type of a scam Debt Collections

We financed a car with this company and we put 5,000 cash down and was told to pay 1,000 in a week. When we tried to call and arrange something they hung up and never answered or called back. When we finally got in contact with them we agreed on a date and they didn’t care about that. Days later we are running out side to try catch our vehicle from being stolen and driven away by someone. There was no tow truck or any paper or notice about a so called repo. So we thought someone was stealing our car. Come to find out they hired someone to break into our car and drive it aggressively away to who knows where. When trying to contact them they acted as if they didn’t know anything about it so we assumed someone stole our car before contacting the police the women said under her breathe we don’t know where it’s at maybe we will see when it comes back from the repo so I said some rude thing out of being stressed. They seemed to think it was funny so we hung and tried to find another solution. Now know one knows where the car is and he is playing stupid and saying that he don’t know anything about a repo. We asked for paper work after he admitted to a illegal repo he said it’s confidential. This man is mr. Williams and he wants all our money because now he is saying that the repo cost will be 1,000 and we still owe 1,000 and now the car is worth 14,000 and not 9,000. We have already signed paper work for a 9,000$ car how is it 14,000 now??? So now we have no car we have 2 sets of twins and have lost our job because of no transportation. How do you sell a lemon, do a illegal repo, and pocket all of someone’s money.we are in the middle of a pandemic and need a car for being an essential worker and now I have nothing.

Dustin – Mar 19, 2020

Victim Location 30134

Total money lost $3,880

Type of a scam Phishing

This company is fraud. They sold me a car and while I was calling to pay my sales tax over the phone I was told that I couldn’t but that I could send someone in to make the payment for me.. being that I be at work. Remind you, I am the one calling these people and I only had the car barely two weeks. I asked them to make note every time I called.. They picked my car up and acted like they don’t remember me calling, one minute they remember next minute they don’t. So they basically stole over 3,500 from me and picked the car up. They are fraudulent and their day will come



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