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Danielle – Mar 20, 2020

Victim Location 43315

Total money lost $3,000

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

In February, I got this message: "This is a very important message about your home loan we have a great news for you right now we are offering you a chance to lower your mortgage payment and interest rate 2 percent without doing a refinance regardless of credit late payments or if you are facing foreclosure or if you are looking to refinance your home we can help you out we have a solution for all financial problems there is a free approval process and only take couple of minutes if you are looking for some assistance please call 909-992-0138 if you are interested then press one". I called and talked to Eric Smith who said he worked for CG Consulting. He told me to mail him a personal check for $500 to 7320 Hawthorn Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046. Then he called to say he had trouble cashing the check. (But he did cash it) He put his accountant on the phone who told me to go to Walmart in Delaware, OH and buy a $500 Walmart gift card, then I came home and my daughter took a picture of the back of the card and texted it to him at 909-4763-5333. Then we texted to make sure he got it, and he said he would get our paperwork shortly. Then a week later he called to say the Underwriter wants $500 to do this. I said WTH? He said I know, but it’s not me, it’s the underwriter. He said go to Walmart and buy another gift card for $500. I went to Walmart in Marion, OH to buy another gift card. The clerk warned me that people get scammed with these gift cards. But I bought it anyway. I was sure they were legit because they cashed my check. I brought the card home, my daughter took the picture and texted it to him. Two weeks later he calls and says there’s a problem with Ditech, my lender. with whom I was going through a loan modification. He said when they sold out they took his money, so he needed more money. He said got to Walmart, andy buy one for $400 and one for $220 to pay the underwriter for Cellpoint. He said to use the self-checkout. I went to the Walmart in Marion, OH and purchased the cards, and sent the pictures. A week later he called and said Cellpoint needed $250 to do the paperwork. I told him I was perturbed, and he better get my paperwork. He said his mother was in the hospital having open heart surgery, and I felt bad for him. On 3.12.20, I sent him a Walmart gift card from Delaware, and sent him the picture. After that, he began ignoring my texts. Then he blocked my number, then he blocked my daughter’s number. I am retired on a fixed income. I withdrew the funds from my savings account. I called my lender and they said I had been scammed and to call BBB.



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