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Joshua – Jul 09, 2020

This company took me for $2800 dollars. I am intelligent and even questioned it all the way through. They sent me a check from Pinnacle Bank. I did what they asked. They even sent me new hire paperwork and a w4 that I filled out and sent back. The next day they wanted to sent me another check and that really raised my suppositions. I called the bank to find out that the original check was fraudulent. I will be contacting the FBI next. Please everyone stay clear of CGG.

Ann – Apr 25, 2020

I was contacted by Cory Peterson, via text message claiming he received my application from a job site and that his colleague David Mendez would be contacting next for an interview. I was asked to download Skype for texting interview. After David contacted me, he briefed me on CGG Global and then asked for my email address to continue with the interview process. I had a 45 minute window of time to respond to the email. After responding, I was informed via Skype that I was hired for a remote data entry position. I would receive a check and new hire packet in the mail. The check was to spent on the software that I needed to start the training process. The check came via FedEx the following day in the amount of $4950.00 from an Attorney’s office in GA. I proceeded to my bank to deposit check. Luckily, the tellers had seen checks like this before and suggested that I contact the Attorney’s office and the bank that the check was issued from, Suntrust. The tellers wanted me to verify the check because they were concerned about me being a victim of fraud. After speaking with Suntrust and the Attorney’s office I was informed that the check was forged.

Aimee – Mar 30, 2020

Victim Location 76088

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by a man named Robert Diaz who had apparently seen my resume on a job site I had recently visited. He later referred me to his "colleague" Andrew Stokes who was the hiring manager. He told me more about CGG, things you could find on their website, and about a data entry position. He then informed me after I filled out email questions that I had received the job and that I had to purchase 6 different softwares in order to complete the process.



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