Chad Willis

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Hillary – Mar 04, 2020

This guy has a long list of scamming people.

Monica – Feb 03, 2020

Victim Location 76401

Total money lost $7,500

Type of a scam Business Email Compromise

i started receiving e-mails from a person with the same name as my boss named Chad Willis. The request was for employees bonus. I e-mailed my boss after a e-mail with his name on it went to spam. i asked him if he had a change of e-mail and as usual, he did not reply. i went ahead with the fraud getting gift cards for Walmart, Best Buy, and Target from the Walmart store and from CVS and Walgreens. i went into my banker this morning and mentioned to him about this situation and he said it was a scam to which i know 100% now it is because i called my boss to ask him if he had requested me to use my credit cards to buy these gift cards for our employees and his response of course was a ‘no’. i have called Walmart and they had frozen all the 8 cards i had purchased. i have not called Target nor Best Buy yet. My banker did though and he said the that gift cards was already used. i have all the e-mails from this e-mail address i just gave you. i can send PDF’s to you of all the dialogue. Much appreciated. Byron Jackson



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