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Rosa –

Victim Location 04989

Total money lost $243

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This website business offer to users supposely license to run scripts for a dating website and application. The website business use a deceiving information to trick users about the digital product they are offering. The big problem in all this is after purchase the digital product in my case the dating website and dating app script, they explained would be installing the files in my hosting server, they never did that, because they are not providing of the physical files to the users, they are using some kind of API to redirect to their server the domain, in that way users never get in hands with they digital product and they wont be able to do customizations. What means the user, after purchased, if need to do some customization, need to contact with them, and pay to them for the customizations. And here is the trick they are using. They never inform to the users or possible customers this part. They also are not providing money back or refund, what shows also their intentions of just steal the money and offer you some product that at the end of the day is not even yours, not matter the person paid for it.

I have been in contact with them several times and they are not offering money back and in fact they are pushing that I get customization through them, off course because they are the only ones who at the end of the day have the files in their servers. They are deceiving and I hope this website business can get shut down for the protection of the users that are online.




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