Charity blessing llc

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Alicia –

Victim Location 92301

Type of a scam Charity

I was contacted through email. I was told i had to ship packages on a daily basis. I was asked for my ID and after they received it, a phone call came in and i spoke to some one who had an indian accent. They offered great pay compensation,almost to good to be true.

Frank –

Victim Location 77043

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by this company through email stating they came across my resume on a job listing site. They offered me a position as a charity donation coordinator which I accepted. They started shipping me what they said we’re donations and my job was to inspect the packages, then upload the information into a program they signed me up for. Once that information was uploaded they would then send a shipping label to the program where I printed and and attached to the packages. I then took them to either UPS or FedEx to have them shipped. After fulfilling my duties for the 35 probation period they were to pay me for the work I completed which never happened. I got scammed by this fake charity organization.



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