Check charmcitypupps reviews to see if it is legit.

Roberto –

Victim Location 24184

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I fell for the purchase and sent the money for a dog they never intended to deliver. everything sounded legit. Do dog and no response.

Virginia –

Victim Location 19702

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I googled teacup yorkies for sale in my hometown and this website ( came up so i decided to check it out and i read every article every review all the policies and procedures and everything seemed to check out. They had a messenger where u can contact the owners so i initated a instant message and asked about the shipping for the dog and the procedures and all a guy by the name of jake miller was the one i was corresponding with after he broke the payment down and the procedure i said ok lets do it so he sent me a email with a break down of how to make the payment it said that i would have my dog in a matter of 48 hours and he sent me a video of the dog. I made the payment through zelle which i thought was a bit odd but i had never purchased a dog offline so i thought that maybe it was a new safe secure way to send money anyways he confirmed the payment and asked for my name address and nearest airport after i replied to that email i had not heard anything else from this guy the next morning still no emails i sent a message on the messenger no reply so i called the number on the website no answer i said ok this is weird so i did some research and saw this website on a scam website list i was devestated i called my bank disputed the transaction and emailed this jake miller guy and let him know that i had filed a police report and contacted my bank it wasnt until then did i get a response from the phone number saying he had just returned from making the flight arrangements and to check my email from the carrier he didnt give me any tracking number or anything i received the email it looked totally fake and it was all types of spelling errors and information that didnt make any sense at all and still no tracking number.



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