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Alicia –

Victim Location 92883

Total money lost $600

Type of a scam Moving

It all started with a post in Craiglist for a Yamaha Piano, I’m a musician and I was looking for a Baby Grand Piano for cheap, there are individuals who own them that don’t use them anymore and sometimes you can find a good deal. So there was this post on Craiglist that is gone now because someone else must have been scammed now and notified Craigslist so they took it down. Either way, it was a great looking Yamaha Baby Grand Piano and they were giving it away for free. Should have known then that it was too good to be true. Either way just reached out and a man named " Dr. Hala" supposedly replied and said that the piano was still available however he just moved to North Carolina from CA and the Piano was moved with him. However, he doesn’t have space for it and it’s with the movers they can ship it back to California for only 600 dollars. So he connects you with the movers and gives you their number, they say they can do it but it needs to be 400 dollars upfront money order and 200 upon delivery. Should have known then but I’m guessing they are just old school and more or less excited about the piano so judgment is all off. Either way, once they get the 400 dollars they text you it was received and the piano will be there in the next couple of days. Then a couple of days past and they text you that they lost their interstate deliveries and the driver is stuck in New Mexico and he can’t get to you because he has no funds. They need you to send him the other 200 and he can make it to you. But you have to send this 200 via bitcoin app. Once you do all that to send it to them bitcoin app now all of a sudden they can’t get the money and never received it and keep trying to tell you to send it another way or there seems to be someone who can help us. Its all bad at that point I realized it was a scam and just cut ties and took the loss.



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