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Justin –

Victim Location 79924

Type of a scam Debt Collections

On 07/02/2019 they called my current employment and asked to speak to the General Manager without identifying themselves, the lady that called my boss said she needed my location because they were going to search the premisses looking for me but still didn’t give her any information

whatsoever from where they were

calling … then couple minutes later they called my sister stating i had put her as i live with her which is a lie because that info was never told to anyone and my sister just got a new

phone number too

When i called back to that number they gave her they didn’t identify themselves for anything but yet told ne that account was like 5 years ago

past due lol and they really speak to you super rude and no manners i called later in that day and no one answered so i called check n go and they provide me with three different numbers so its just not making any sense on anything please help me with this they also don’t have my address or phone number for me the only thing they have is my last four of my social security number

Tyrone –

Victim Location 32208

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

The person is claiming to be apart of the check n go team whereas they would deposit money into your account where you withdraw it then send it back via western union

Regina –

Victim Location 95678

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Got a few phone calls about this check n go debt a while back. Researched them the same as I am now, those specific ones were very fraudulant. It has gotten increasingly worse so I am now having to post their information everywhere in hopes that they will see their jig is up. At this point, with all if the question dodging and refusal to provide me with information such as their address (not po box) so that I can mail a request for proof if debt, I would not pay these people even if it is a real debt. Check n go just shoots themselves in the foot when they sell these accounts to riff raff scammers like this. I have zero intentions of settling up because of all of the laws they have broken this far just trying to collect on it. They call from numbers that would normally be local to me. When they don’t leave a message and you go to call them back the numbers are disconnected. (They pull out piggy backs in numbers not even active) then when they call from their actual number they threaten to take you to court, OR someone is going to be at my door within the hour and boy they will not be nice to you about this. It’s okay, we have cameras, knock your socks off! When you are not responsive with one collection company, for some reason they think they will get a payment from me by adding in 7 or 8 more companies to keep calling. This is how they think they are legally contacting me, because they are "different" company names. Then half the information they do have on me is not correct. They KNOW that if they try to send me ANY proof of debt, one tiny thing off and the debt becomes null and void. It is why they fight so hard to not let it get that far. Then they stop calling for a bit and then start all over again. I mean please make sure you all put in a complaint to so they can call their bluff. If they are ligit then they will respond. Technically they do have attorneys out there that will take these cases, if it is a real debt, and sue them for the 1k cap for wrongful collection practices. I mean this has to stop, people are on fixed incomes or barely have any money to pay these debts. Having your social floating around with all these different companies is scarey and just plain wrong! The government has GOT to step in and start handling these people! We are losing REAL money here people! And now even the companies who are ligit on trying to collect on debts are having a heck if a time doing it because of people like this! When does our social security numbers become just as important as our checking acct number or our credit card numbers? It should be the first priority of protecting the one thing that identifies us. Penalize us for bad debt, yes, but for god sakes don’t torture us with scammers ready at hand to demolish what little we have accumulated in possession and belongings!

Shawn –

Victim Location 16745

Type of a scam Debt Collections

A woman by the name of "Kathy Johnson" was calling my phone stating that she has been trying to reach (pull the phone away and a robo voice says my husbands name). She said she had a fax order delivery for my husband and they had made several attempts to reach him and they will make one final attempt. They will reach him at his place of employment or home regarding the property delivery. When I called the number they asked me "What I wanted and who I was trying to reach" When I explained they they called me and that I was trying to reach a Kathy Johnson, she gave me attitude and told me that they were trying to reach my husband and gave me his DOB. They said they were from a Litigation Firm in Pittsburgh. I gave attitude back and stated that this has happened before and it was a SCAM. She screamed at me that this was not a scam and that if papers hadn’t been filed or he hadn’t been summoned for court they would talk to him. I had my husband call and they stated to him that on June 9, 2013 he had $500.00 deposited into his account, and gave the account # and that he had $16 and some odd cents left to pay. He hung up with them because luckily his mother works for our bank, and she checked the account and saw that this never happened. They kept calling my husband and told him they have dispatched the police to our house to have him arrested, which we know is not true and being in the capacity that I hold for work I know this isn’t true either. My husband also called Check n Go and they have NO RECORD of him in their system at all.

Nicholas –

Victim Location 45601

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Check n Go sent me all of another women’s loan documents and a copy of her ID via email and sent my information such as loan documents and my ID to he via email sent me 3 blank checks had me go to my bank and write a 1100 dollar check that was suppose to help my credit then a second check to write out my own loan check in the amount of 5000 dollars the third check was suppose to be in case I messed up. Well I called the guy he said his name was JIM FOSTER and by his accent you could clearly tell he was from another country he wouldn’t give me his exact location of where there Business was located well I proceeded to make them aware that he sent my personal information to a complete stranger in another state he was rude very rude he called me a "dumb psycho ***" .. Kept calling me a ***. Excuse my language so I had to contact the make a police report and contact the 3 credit bureaus I think drastic measures need to take place with these people he had my bank info and social security card number also my ID all of my info…. Please be aware of a strange number calls or text do not answer or reply or be as ignorant as I was to believe this scam

Rebekah –

Victim Location 57104

Total money lost $900

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

they keep on calling me telling me that i owe them 135.00 and i never had a loan through them. and i got a scammed through facebook and i gave them over 900.00 and it started in november last year 2015 and i got it from my aunt in las vegas,nv and she got scammed to and then i got scammed to and it went from november 2015 to march 2016 and they were thredding me that the FBI was in involved an you are going to jail for 21 years if you dont for our winnings it was a new program through facebook and i already had a my co worker at work reported it to facebook. and i had someone at work throught lifescape they work through michelle boadwine she works for the compliats for lifescape and they are taking care of it and the already sent the information to the law inforcement in sioux falls,sd and they will let me know how it’s going and i closed my checking account and my facebook account and my email account and now i got a new email account. i’m still in the progress and getting a new checking account through *** *** *** *** *** and they have been helping me out alot and they have been so good to me.

Rachael –

Victim Location 32246

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I keep receiving phone calls from 904-372-8183 telling me I owe from a check and go interaction from 2008. I have no knowledge of this interaction and they refuse to provide me with anything in writing. They threaten to visit me at work and my home to serve me papers. This has been ongoing for 6 months and they have yet to visit me.



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