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Sandra – Jun 24, 2020

Victim Location 60901

Total money lost $120

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Hi, first I spoke, in depth, with a customer support specialist named Michael Lee about purchasing hemp/ hash oil online. In transit and ON HOLD supposedly to ILLINOIS from Iowa where He claimed that customs was requiring another $500 in addition to the $150 I was ALREADY CHARGED. He used a business license, a web page that Promised SECURE Processing and HANDLING of the Product through a BOGUS FREIGHT Distribution Company. Called EXPRESS FREIGHT DELIVERY SERVICE. THE AMOUNT OF MONEY$$$ WAS $120. And, THAT BTW I DONT really HAVE to spenf. This Whole SCAM went through a LEGITIMATE, at least I think a legitimate source, WORLDREMIT. Transaction number: 65086007. The MONEY was sent to Cameroon. First Name: Bisong. Middle Name: Marievonn. Last Name: Achangha. City: Douala..Mobil Money Provider: Express Union. MOBIL MONEY ACCOUNT Number: 678831124 Get this, I HAVE ALL THIS INFORMATION, NO PROUDUCT. Mobile MONEY number: 1237678831124. After I Received a copy of his license, AND a COPY of the Receipt with FAKE INFORMATION. Like It SuPpOsEdLy went through FedEx, as a Board Game AT SOME POINT. But FEDEX DOESN’T have the need for Insurance, it’s called DECLARED VALUE. THAT’S Why THIS WEBSITE said I WASN’T GETTING THE stuff through CUSTOMS? IN IOWA. IT WAS First supposed to go through EXPRESS FREIGHT DELIVERY SERVICE but the Tracking number WPC071424299282 WASN’T even a FEDEX TRACKING NUMBER. I called CUSTOMER Support at EXPRESS FREIGHT DELIVERY SERVICE and received Again a BOGUS NUMBER, NOT IN SERVICE number was: 17078727842. Address: 1/2 South Wester Ave. Los Angeles, CA. 90062 USA. It might Only be $120 to SOMEONE ELSE. But to Me, COURTNEY ANCZER. AT 340 n. Dearborn Ave. In Kankakee ILLINOIS 60901 it Meant Alot. I’m a SOCIAL SECURITY BASKET CASE!! BL.CRD.BL.SHLD.MMAI I have SEVERE PTSD!! AND A Medical Marijuana Prescription when THE OIL WAS SUPPOSED TO HELP WITH MY STRESS!! Seriously was that a Joke??? NOT TO ME!! I received Phone Call after phone callvand Text After Text from the NUMBERS I Provided. Consultations about PRICE, WHEN HE this Michael Lee ASKED FOR MORE MONEY, $500.00 DOLLARS ACTUALLY. I’M reporting the WHOLE SCAM. AND if possible a Refund or THE PRODUCT. THERE WAS One More Person Implicated Donald Coffee 1 909 430 1334. AGAIN that NUMBER was Disconnected? I was SCAMMED 100% right? This WHOLE PROCESS, LooKeD 100% REAL, AND 100% LEGITIMATE!! What this guy HAD NOTHING better to DO FOR 3 Hours But RIP ME OFF FOR, $120.0 in0 use. I’m So UPSET, Totally DEFEATED THE PURPOSE!!



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