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Kyle – Jun 15, 2020

I contacted CHEERFUL GOLDEN RETRIEVERS when I found their online post & saw their website. They said theyre in Sault Ste Marie & they fly puppies to your home. At first I was excited and then I was suspicious.
1) How do you have 11 puppies? all available for adoption at 11 weeks? Everywhere else you have to be on a waitlist for months. Seemed odd but that was my first clue something wasn’t right.
2) $800 for a puppy when everyone else is selling for $2000-$3000? strange!
3) Then they said theyd fly my puppy to any aiport I want for an extra $50 and another $50 to be delivered to my door. Really? it only costs $50 to fly a puppy anywhere? Then they said ” dont worry, the puppy will fly with a adult human ” to keep them safe. So now you’re telling me its $50 to fly a puppy and a human anywhere? That doesn’t make any sense. Flights cost different prices to difference distances.
4) Then I said my cousin lives in Sault Ste Marie and will meet him in person at a public park and keep 10 ft social distance. He said he didn’t want the puppy to get germs and wasn’t willing to meet in person. Finally agreed but said Id need to pay $500 for him to meet at a park in person to view the dog for a 10 ft distance.
Everything about this screams SCAM Im backing out and not buying from him. BEWARE!

Ivan – Jun 11, 2020

Victim Location 55106

Type of a scam Other

Official looking website offering puppies at a low price. When inquired about, ask good questions and for your information. When pressed will not provide additional contact information, puppies vet information or name, their breeder registration, or additional pictures of the puppy. Will not speak over the phone, all contact via email. When document sent for contract signing, details list the information as coming from Canada. Wants payment via cashapps or Moneygram.



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