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Meghan – May 01, 2020

Victim Location 14616

Total money lost $750

Type of a scam Online Purchase

These people advertise on pinterest and website that they have puppies. They ask you to pay 750. for a puppy and then tell you it will be delivered next day through pet paws relocation, ( also their scam company). Then they give you a tracking # and turn around and ask for 875. for an air conditioned case as just a refundable deposit. They then ask for insurance money. They have no such flight through Delta and will take 2000. from you before you find out the whole thing is a scam.

Anthony – Apr 30, 2020

Ok, so yesterday I was requested to buy a puppy for 750. Same as above. Liars said send google pay or Walmart to Walmart. Then I wait. I looked at pet paws relocation. They own that fake website too. I am a reputable company and a Christian. Haha
Liar, this [censored] took our money, broke our hearts. Chey chey is down from pinterest now! They are now listed on puppy scam, and I hope he pays me back or I will have ALL GOV’T AGENCIES INVOLVED. Contacted gmail, googlepay and I will take them down. They never knew my cousin is secretary to the attorney general of new York. DONT PURCHASE FROM CHEY CHEY OR ANY WEBSITE THAT REQUIRES GOOGLE PAY OR [censored] PAYMENTS!

Luis – Apr 20, 2020

Victim Location 14580

Total money lost $1,375

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I sent a message to CHEYCHEY yorkies through their website. i recieved a text message asking if i was interested in the puppy. we talked about prices and i agreed and bought the puppy. the breeder save me a few options (zelle cashapp etc) and i sent $700 ..$500 for the puppy and $200 for shipping it was late and the breeder told me they would let me know about the delivery in the morning. i recieved a text early saying my puppy was going to be sent to the deliery company and to let them know when i was contacted by the delivery company. i received a text from delivery saying they were checking over everything and my puppy was going to need a air conditioned crate that would cost $750 to rent but refundable. i sent the money through cashapp again.. skeptical at this point because i have not recived any flight info or anything about the puppy arriving. After a few hours i was told my puppy was in new jersey and they needed $650 more for "insurance" i asked what the insurance was for and they went around the question saying they need the payment and the flight takes off in 45 minutes. at this point i am very uneasy but stupidly send the money thinking this poor puppy is waiting for me. After not feeling great about the situation i start doing research online i see that a lot of people were being scammed this way (more money for crate and insurance) so I told the breeder and he gave me a call reasuring me saying he uses that delivery service all the time and they will refund me. I knew at this point he was also the delivery service. i texted him saying i want my money back and they asked me "whats wrong with you" i said if the puppy shows up great but if it does not i am getting my money back which then they replied "ok". the delivery service never texted me back nor did the breeder. and obviously a puppy was never sent.



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