chi franciscan

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Lori –

Victim Location 98367

Total money lost $150

Type of a scam Other

Chi Franciscan billing practices are the worst I have ever seen. They never honor payment plans always sending a bill asking for the full amount saying whole balance due now. I have been paying on medical bills to them for years know and I always had to call every month or every other month to avoid being sent to collections over a bill i was always actively paying on and agreed to a payment plan with them on it. They are conveniently always acting like your payment plan is not in place. This last time I re set up the payment plane in July. I paid them for July and August. They send me a bill at the end of August for the month of August which I have proof that I paid, and September. Once again I call in. They have no prove I paid August, act like i never paid it. I have to now mail( They done accept e-mails) proof that I paid them because they took my money and have no record of it. Once again I have to put great effort into avoiding collections with this twisted billing dept. They are ver so fine with just sending you to it when their screwed up system tells them to without EVER a phone call to you.



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