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Crystal – Jun 30, 2020

IT’S TOTALLY A FRAUD! The only thing they want is for you to buy them on their website to keep your money. They buy the products are from third parties for nothing and then sell it for much more. They think they are a big clothe brand but they just are scoundrels!

Alexis – Jun 02, 2020

I am receiving many emails from CHIC NYC RUNAWAY, I asked the to stop but it didn’t worked.

I am sure that it is a scam because they are asking for money making you think that you will work with them if you buy their products.

Are scammers!

Please do something about

Kimberly – Mar 29, 2020

Victim Location 19106

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I’ve been asking this company for the past 6 months to stop emailing me. They have not responded to my requests, and there is no opt-out button in their email. Please help! I’ve attached a copy of their email for reference.

Thanks, *******

Neil – Mar 11, 2020

Victim Location 06108

Total money lost $37.50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

How are you?

My name is Ruby. I am the model & influencer scout manager for the runway brand, CHIC NYC RUNWAY. I am emailing you today because the fashion label has decided to APPROVE you into their Royal Ambassadorship Program that is very exclusive and full of luxury benefits.

CHIC NYC RUNWAY can be found online, in store globally & on Instagram with 500,000 followers. Our brand is NOT fast fashion. Our clothing is 100% sustainable, using organic cottons & fabrics and shipped from New York City worldwide.

Typically a high fashion brand label doesn’t offer a collaboration program, however, we completely fell in love with your style & would love the opportunity to have you represent us on social media, plus receive luxury benefits from our partners at Global Influencer Agency. We are prepared to give you a huge savings on our custom clothing that has been seen at Fashion Week alongside Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford & more.

When you get your item tag us: @chicnyc, @NYFW, @womanslook with 1 million followers and the @globalinfluenceragency w/ 80,000 followers. You will have the chance to be featured.

We have approved you but also the GLOBAL INFLUENCER AGENCY has approved you into their membership:

x APPROVED x Pending Review Denied

Your Perks of Becoming a Chic NYC RUNWAY Affiliate & Agency member are:

• Possible FEATURES on our main page once you tag us wearing your Chic NYC order – along with our affiliate pages. You can reach 5 million followers worldwide!

• 75% OFF our entire cart today, just for YOU! Plus, FREE SHIPPING GLOBALLY is included

• A 50% coupon code for your followers that you will receive when you checkout today *found in confirmation email

• A FREE ONLINE Membership into the world’s largest influencer agency, Global Influencer agency (@globalinfluenceragency)

• Access to the GIA | Global Influencer Agency where they will review your photos for a chance to be professionally managed! In addition, while you are waiting for your package to come in the mail we are going to give you access to their private group, where over 15,000 content creators from their agency are waiting to meet you, follow you and support you on your new journey! *This access is in your confirmation email & valued at $599 but today it is included JUST FOR YOU. Get ready for new collabs, friends & FOLLOWERS! Our Royal Program includes FREE entrance into their membership & private community.

• Instagram Growth Opportunities. For those that want to take growing their Instagram seriously, our program offers access to the GIA, where when engaging you can gain 500 followers or more each month following, supporting & chatting w/ other professionals such as yourself! Be sure to get active with all 15,000 of them & introduce yourself with your handle

• GET INVITED TO EVENTS & RUNWAY SHOWS: Once in the GIA community, you will receive invitations to designer sample sales, Runway Shows, Opening Parties at Hotels & more! Be sure to RSVP within the agency community (all reservations are done online)

• Grab new Chic NYC designs before they hit the stores at 75% OFF! You will receive discounts for LIFE once you join today on everything store wide.

• NO sales requirements! No min. sales! You DO NOT have to sell our product to your followers. Simply post photos showing your Chic city style & enjoy your ambassador perks with us by growing and attending events with the agency!

• Your only obligation when joining is to post 1 photo on your social media outlets with your Chic NYC product tagging @ChicNYC which has over 170,000 followers. We recommend making a story too!

• Get noticed – Be officially managed: You will be able to include in your instagram bio, resume and other social media that you are professionally managed by the agency. Add their website to your profile! Let everyone know you are managed profcessionally!

?) If you are interested in becoming a Chic NYC affiliate we have included a link for you to choose a famous graphic t shirt from. Keep in mind, our signature logo tee is hte most popular!


Use the code: ROYAL

**Ready to join now? Use the code ROYAL at checkout ( and we will send your confirmation email to you within seconds of officially checking out and using the discount code. Your confirmation email will have your ambassador perks at the bottom.

Remember, our offer which includes the FREE Global Influencer Agency perks is only valid until 11 pm tonight. So go ahead and make your choice and get checked out so you do not miss this exciting opportunity.

After checking out, you are officially an affiliate and you will gain access to your discount code for your followers, as well as the other program benefits and events. You will receive this information in your confirmation email upon joining.

We look forward to introducing you as our Chic NYC influencer. I am so happy we were able to connect and can help you gain exposure.

Talk to you soon,

Brett – Mar 02, 2020

Victim Location 10018

Type of a scam Online Purchase

They wanted to become an ambassador for their brand by buying their products and sharing it on my Instagram



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