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Preston – Jun 21, 2020

Victim Location 99201

Type of a scam Online Purchase


Name: Darlene Harris

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (360) 329-2680

Address claimed: 844 N. Summit Blvd. Spokane, WA 99201

Upon looking to adopt a Yorkie puppy I came across CPP which had only 4 Yorkies available, the site almost seemed too good to be true. I contacted the business and my excitement was soon followed by disappointment after I received a text message from CPP to check my spam for details (first red flag). A woman named "Darlene" claimed to be selling 13-week old puppies for free (second red flag) since she and her husband will no longer be breeding Yorkies anymore so I would only have to pay for shipping, $500 for 1 pup and $900 for 2. Even though there were multiple grammatical/spelling errors I still decided to continue with the process and asked for specifics to verify her identity, such as her current vet information and additional photos of the pups alongside an item of my choosing to make sure they were also real. While waiting for a response I decided to research the site to see if I could find reviews on CPP. When I switched tabs on my phone I noticed the header for their website was called English Bulldog Puppies On Sale (third red flag). After typing CPP in google I stumbled across a site listed as a scam on called (fourth red flag) which I thought was odd being as that the woman who contacted me is named Darlene and the header for her site also claims to sell bulldogs. I then decided to do a reverse image search on the photos I was sent by her and got a hit with a puppy named "Lola". I found the exact photo she sent me on a Facebook page which was posted on 9/16/2017. By this point, I’m already convinced it’s a scam and decide to look more closely at the CPP website. On the bottom of the page, there are social media icons and upon clicking on the IG icon I was forwarded to a trendy page called WIX with over 300k followers. Shortly after, I received an email from "Darlene" and to no surprise, she completely ignored what I asked for. She was far more interested in my full name and address. In the email, she stated that upon maintaining my information, she will then proceed with the transportation company who will contact me and provide me with the flight itinerary. They will also inform me on how to pay for the transportation process. Scam, scam, scam.



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