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Joanna – Apr 30, 2020

Victim Location 77450

Total money lost $41.17

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased a $35 dress from the website. When it arrived the material was thin and the dress was cheaply made. The color also did not match the color of the dress online. Per the website they have great customer service so I reached out to them to return the dress. I got a response and they asked for a picture of the dress. They said it was beautiful and they refused to proved me a return address. I emailed the again inquiring for the address and they told me that it’s a costly process and it’s not cost efficient, there warehouse is in China so it would be easy to lose. I mentioned I did not care and wanted to return it. No response. This exchange has happened with 4 different people, they do not respond when I inquire for a return address. I have emailed them a few more times with no response. They are a scam.

Lori – Feb 13, 2020

Victim Location 23120

Total money lost $38

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Made a purchase from this company around two weeks ago. Absolutely nothing has happened except the fact that they took the money from my account on the day of purchase. There’s been no tracking reported nothing shipped to me and no communication. I’ve reached out to this company two times through their service email and haven’t received a reply at all. After doing research, I’ve noticed other people having the same complaint. I’ve definitely been scammed. Found them through Instagram so they are targeting people who are searching for fashionable clothing and then taking their money with no product to ever be delivered.



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