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Sara – Mar 13, 2020

Victim Location 16511

Type of a scam Phishing

[email protected] @Attention Please I Am Chihmin Wang, with so much pains am writing you this email, you may receive it now or later when am gone however follow up with keen interest. Am a Chinese national, a British citizen by registration. I have lived and done business in both the United States and UK for so long.

I traveled to China in January for a business deal after being there for about three weeks I developed an acute viral infection for which I decided to see the doctor, series of test was conducted one of which was test for the deadly Corona-virus and the result came negative at first but I was kept in self isolation for another 14 days and a follow up text was done and it came positive. I have been quarantined and my condition have worsened.

Through the aid of a doctor I was able to find your contact from a search engine and I decided to contact you and let you know of my funds in a US Bank.

Reach out to my lawyer Stewart Kennedy on [email protected] for maximum assistance towards the release of the funds to you, I want you to help orphans and widows of the Corona-virus victims worldwide. If I don’t survive this, build a disease research center in my name.


Chihmin Wang



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