Chihuahua Dreams

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Tabitha – Mar 06, 2020

Chihuahua Dreams is actually a complete nightmare. She charges a ridiculous price for her puppies and they aren’t worth it. They are sub par. She lists that they can be shown, but they cannot be. Nothing about the composition of these dogs is correct. When you contact her, she will refuse to get back to you. Do not trust her! She is not a responsible breeder. You can’t even register your dog through AKC. She refuses to give me even a pedigree. That to me is a red flag. I don’t even think her dogs are AKC at all.

Corey –

Total money lost $2,131

Type of a scam Online Purchase

i saw a site online called chihuahua dreams with a dog i wanted to buy for my mom ( they said they will sell it to me for $300 plus $145 shipping fee then a shipping comapny TRAVELOCITY PET DELIVERY called me asking for $1820 for insurance and cage rental fee which was resonable cause they said they will do a refund of 95% when they deliver the dog. then after they called again saying they dog vaccine expired 2 days ago which cant be true cause vaccine last for 3-5 years and the dog is suppose to be 3 months. then some guy calls and yells send money $5580 for the vaccine and says the same thing 95% back when delivered but i didnt pay. now they said the dog is stuck at new york customs and i have to pay until they will ship it. so please watch out for this site!!!



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