Chihuahua Puppies For Sale

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Katrina –

Victim Location 71933

Total money lost $1,100

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Yes this person selling chihuahuas goes by the name Nick Mcathy or Edison Ndiks. He uses Zelle or paypal for forms payment for the pets. I used zelle and paid $1000.00 for 2 chihuahuas and then was told the shipping insurance was $850.00 using [email protected] to a Tony Mcathy & to send it wal-mart to wal-mart using moneygram. I tried at 2 different walmart locations using moneygram and was alerted to the scams. I notified Nick and he told me not to use the word "dogs" & to try again. I requested a full refund of my $1000.00 & this Nick said I would get my refund in 30 days and later said that he didn’t have to do business with me as I am a "bad mother" to do this to animals.



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