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Gloria – Jul 08, 2020

Victim Location 80260

Total money lost $610

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a call by someone claiming to be a Chime customer support representative. The number they called from is the phone number that is registered as Chime Bank’s Toll Free line. I answered and they informed me that there was an attempt at fraudulent purchases with my account. This was the first call and I verified my personal info and I provided a code to them to access my account- as they guided me because I didn’t realize they were scamming me. They used the 2 factor authentication code to access my online banking and make unauthorized transfers to a person I do not recognize. They initially transferred 1368.00. I disputed the transaction online and it was returned to me a few days later. I continued to receive calls from the scammers but I didn’t answer them. They never left a voicemail which is fishy because professional establishments usually leave a voice message. They called me again today and once again I fell for the same trick. They verify some of my personal info and then they get me to verify the 2 factor authentication code and they started sending money again. Luckily, I had my account open and so I changed the password multiple times and they weren’t able to take out all of my money like before. Also, the person acting like they are a support Rep from Chime said “haha you stupid b****” before disconnecting the call. I became upset as I now realized they are scamming and hacking into my account. I immediately disputed the charges through Chimes Bot on the app. I am terrified to call Chime Customer Service number because I feel like my call could be getting routed to a scammer. I had called Chime Support a week ago and I think that is how they obtained my information, my phone number and such. I feel like it could be representatives within Chimes call centers doing this, or somehow scammers were able to get my call routed to them instead or something. They were able to send 3 separate transactions this final time, of 10.00, 100.00 and 500.00 but they weren’t able to drain my entire account like the first time. I did receive a credit back from Chime for the first transaction scam that the frauds did. I am filing a police report now. I hope to get my 610.00 credited back to me soon. Very disheartening as I really liked my Chime Bank Account but I am not comfortable using them anymore and I will be seeking another bank to conduct business with. I feel very violated and very concerned as I don’t know if these people could sell my information or what else they could do.



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