Check Choolor reviews to see if it is legit.

Oscar – Jun 19, 2020

I order some wigs 3 months ago
I was supposed to receive them a long time ago but I don’t receive no refund no updates
And I left message for them but stil nothing
Look like they stole my money for real

Randi – Jun 13, 2020

Choolor is a big scam. Does anyone know how to get money back? I order 3 wigs 2 months ago and still nada.

Anna – Jun 08, 2020

I have ordered two front lace wigs and I never got them I pay $56 for the Wig. I would like to know can I get a refund.

Alexis – Jun 07, 2020

Definitely a scam did not get what I ordered

Christie – Jun 07, 2020

Do not order from this place and this company need to be investigated and shut down. They are scammers! I ordered April 18th and it is now June and nothing. They provided fake tracking site. Shows no movement since May 6th. I have sent emails, no response and no phone numbers listed. SHUT THEM DOWN!

Angel – Jun 06, 2020

I ordered a wig on May the 18th. The wig comes through yum express. I checked the website on Yun express on June the 4th it was still China. Today I checked it on June the 6th it says there’s no record of it.

Dane – Jun 01, 2020

I’ve ordered 3 wigs. They got my money and I still have no wig. Says 7-10 delivery it’s been 20 days now and you can’t even track it.

Brittney – Jun 01, 2020

I ordered an human hair bob wig over one month ago and I haven’t received any notifications nor the wig. Beware ladies, DON’T waste your time or money.

Drew – May 30, 2020

Ordered 2 human hair wig toppers, payed for expedited Mail, 10 days now I never received them. I paid $68 for the 2 of them. When I went back to the site it doesn’t exist! I payed with paypal so I will open a fraudulent case against them at hope I can regain some of my money.

Tony – May 26, 2020

Choolor is a scam. They do not send what you order. They send fake shedding synthetic wigs. Frauds!

Nicolas – May 26, 2020

Everybody has the same problem I ordered two wigs 1 month ago never received any informations. They are a scam

Catherine – May 26, 2020

Hello I ordered a wig from thease people Vap-24653 they charged my card and never sent it yo me I tried to contact the sent many emails being the only way to contact them still no response I feel terrible that they took what little I had .

Larry – May 26, 2020

I order 3 wigs from them April the 13, it’s may 27, haven’t heard nothing yet so far, emailed them and no answer, pl anyone who’s thinking about ordering from this company, donot they will take your money and not respond ,don’t do it pl.

Johnny – May 18, 2020

I order off choolor and i sent them a emailing asking wen will i receive my package they dont respond they had me pay 14 dollars for express then 23 dollars for my order and nothing

Natalie – May 18, 2020

THEY ARE A SCAM! I ordered two lace virgin hair wigs from this site and i got them two months later once i received my package i realized they are synthetic halloween like wigs the hair wasn’t even the right color and they aren’t even lace its a waste of money DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! Save your time and money.

Ricardo – May 07, 2020

I order 3 wigs 1 day ago waiting on confirmed email with shipping info. And hasn’t received nor can i contact someone but about to contact PayPal cause I want me money returned after during research on scam website

Derrick – May 01, 2020

Ordered wig 5 weeks ago never received it Emailed and complained got a reply that it was delayed and three days later it says delivered left with customer. SMH I never received any wig been here all day since I’m locked down and I don’t see how to get a refund or talk to anyone. This is bull[censored] and PayPal should not even represent this company

Wayne – May 01, 2020

I Ordered Two, 22 inch Preplucked Lace front wigs From Choolor on April 10 & I Purchased the hair through PayPal.. On the website it says “it could take up to 2-3 weeks until you recieve your package” ITS MAY 1 & I STILL HAVE YET TO RECIEVE MY PACKAGE! I’ve contacted them SEVERAL TIMES the ONLY way they can be contacted which is thru email & I HAVE YET TO RECEIVE AN EMAIL BACK! No Mesage, Text or Any Form of Communication regarding My Payment, Shipping, Tracking #, A Refund etc. & THERES NO WAY OF TRACKING MY ORDER NOT EVEN WITH THE BULLS*** Tracking # that they’ve provided Nor CAN I TRACK MY PACKAGE ON THE TRACKING SITES THEY PROVIDE AS WELL! It seems like a SCAM or someone who isn’t professional and doesn’t know how to run a business! Or Packages could simply be getting delayed due to COVID-19 ‼ Which is still NO excuse to why PEOPLE AREN’T RECEIVING THEIR PURCHASES & TO WHY THERE IS MISCOMMUNICATION! SOME KIND OR AUTHORITIVE ACTION NEEDS TO BE TAKEN PLACE ALONG WITH A REFUND AND OR GIVEN THE ITEMS PAYED FOR‼

Frank – Apr 29, 2020

Okay first things first is I brought a blonde 22 inch body wave lace front from choolor and I payed for express shipping n all remind u I was so ready to get my hair done ya know hair depression is real so I waited and waited and waited never came I tried contacting the owners they never reply and there is only one way of communication for them u can’t track your package unless they send u a tracking number so I literally had to go buy a 300 dollar lace front than remind you I ordered the damn wig March 19th than it’s just now tryna come April 29th so I look on the website it says 2-3 weeks for regular shipping okay so If that’s the case how long does it take for express shipping I will not be buying from him 🤷🏾‍♀️ Never again will I ever

Miranda – Apr 29, 2020

Also this company has many surnames as well… They have companies that have other names designed differently. Did anyone else pay with paypal? They say the payments are linked thru PayPal and shopify. Is there a way we can contact paypal to get a refund? Does anyone know?

Ryan – Jun 19, 2020

Same here I Pay with PayPal.just need my refund ,
But can’t find them Nowhere
Please if someone know how to contact them please live a comment .


Phone: 075523215490

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