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Molly –

Victim Location 38125

Type of a scam Romance

My adult disabled daughter met someone on a dating app/website that has been scamming her out of money. He claims to be a doctor working oversees and needs this money to get back to the states so they can be together. So far she has sent him cash, wired money, sent gift cards and taken out loans in hers and my name to send to this scammer. When we almost had her convinced that this was not legitimate she told "him" and flowers started being sent to our house for her. We have taken the phone away and after looking at the communication between my daughter and this person are realizing how bad he is scamming her. She has sent thousands of dollars, most of that money she did not have and came from other sources. He was telling her how/ encouraging her to open accounts, get loans, take money etc. We have filed police reports and reports with the state. We have contacted the credit bureaus to put holds on her and our credit reports.



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