Check CIF LOGISTICS reviews to see if it is legit.

Shanna – Jun 10, 2020

Please do not do business with CIF! Basically as others have said this is their scam.
You find a vehicle and the buy is never available (ex: military, flight attendant, is sick, selling for someone else…). The seller is using CIF as their freight forwarder; and it all looks legit. They have website, company email, testimonials…

Gloria Mojica the person at CIF then sends you a docusign to forward funds. Gloria even sent a VIN number (which ended being for the wrong vehicle).
I almost transferred the money but read this blog (thank you for alerting the public). Hoping there was chance that CIF wasn’t a scam, I offered to go them so I could see the car and drive it back down.

Of course, now no one is returning my calls. AGAIN, AVOID at all cost.
Lastly, it you were scammed please contact your local authorities and file a complain with the FTC. I am attaching a picture with the directions for the wire–again all a scam.

Raul – Jun 03, 2020

Fraud – Stay Away.
Found a car online and have been communicating with the “seller” who said he is using CIF Logistics to transport the car.
Do not do business with this company!

Ruth – Jun 01, 2020

Victim Location 98328

Total money lost $13,200

Type of a scam Online Purchase

it was a Craigslist purchase of a 2017 Cat 420F2 backhoe from Bella Brooklyn. CIF Logistics acted as the shipper and the escrow holder for the wired $13,200. . Seller and buyer did a docusign, with the money to be held pending a 5 day inspection after delivery to me. The backhoe is now 2 days past its due date and CIF Logistics phone goes to voice mail.

Alisha – May 17, 2020

Victim Location 33704

Type of a scam Online Purchase

A scam to try and get you to buy an automobile online and have the vehicle delivered by a logistics company right to your door. When you inquire about the vehicle, the seller tells you by email that she works for the Red Cross and that she gave to car to the third party to "handle the transaction" while she travels. The seller has the logistics company even send you a DOCU-SIGN contract to sign and will tell you how to make your payment. Seller offers to pay all of the shipping/insurance costs and the logistics company would ESCROW the money for 5 days while you examine the car to see if you want to keep it. And if you don’t like the vehicle you will be able to return it at no cost to you – the seller would cover that fee as well. You will be given a "tracking number" on your "contract" which, when entered onto the fake website, will pull up all of your "contract" data on their website regarding the "shipment" so you can "track" it, but it does not show delivery date until you make your payment to them as the "safe" third-party holder of the funds. This is to "protect" both you the buyer and also the seller. And the phone number actually has a live lady that answers to talk to you about making the payment. Does this all seem too good to be true? Well it is – it’s quite a sophisticated scam – and a very convincing one if you are not on the lookout. Beware.

Scam type: Fake Auto Transport Company – third party escrow of the payment – no goods to be delivered.

Fake website: which was just registered a week or so ago on 5/6/2020 to an unknown person in Panama.

Names Used: Maddie Lukes as "seller" [email protected] and Gloria Mojica the fake "agent" at the transport company based in Cheyenne WY. And a lady will actually answer the phone: 307-459-1101.



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