Cindy McLulan

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Nancy –

Victim Location 03801

Type of a scam Phishing

A woman stating her name is Cindy McLulan with a southern accent called a roommate from 10 years ago, my sister, and my mother stating on a voicemail that there was a sworn complaint against me. There was a threat of possible legal action. I have never been directly contacted. This woman has only left her name and not any company that she is associated with nor any details about what the complaint pertains to. The call back number is not the number she calls from. The call back number gets her directly and not a call answering system "Automated Attendant / call tree". From the background noise it is clear she is in a call center. No information has been confirmed nor was any lengthily conversation had as there was an uneasy feeling about this. A quick search of the phone # shows many people are reporting the exact same scenario. Since no company can be identified nor can any specifics about the "sworn complaint", and many complaints against this number it seems clear this is a professional scamming outfit phishing for information from peoples friends and family. The number called from: 855-363-0737 , 855-218-4518, and the call back # 855-354-5923.



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