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Brooke – May 05, 2020

Victim Location 27615

Type of a scam Employment

I revived an email from this email, [email protected], offering me a customer service representative position with the CintAs company. The email directed me to contact Jame Wright, who is a listed employee at CintAs, but through this false email, [email protected] Once I finished the introductions through that email they guided me through and interview over the Hangouts instant messaging app. I went through many questions during the interview and they described the job duties. After this process they “hired” me. The person I was messaging with then directed me to another person through Hangouts who was termed my training supervisor by the name of Mr. Gerald Pruitt. He informed me I would revive a letter in the mail that enclosed a check. The check would contain my sign on bonus, advanced training pay, and the amount I would need to purchase equipment to work from home. He instructed me to go through their vendor, which they would provide, and purchase the needed technology and so forth. I asked to speak in person or over video call with someone from the company but they told me I would only be able to do so after I bought the home office equipment. That was the final straw.



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