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Thank you for your interest in the position of Customer Service Representative at Citizen Investment, LLC.

My name is Kenneth Warren. I am Human Resources Officer at Citizen Investment, LLC. The company

was established in 2010 and headquartered in Baltimore, MD. For more detailed information

about the company and its general services, please visit our official website.

I have great pleasure in sending you full information about this position.

Position of a Customer Service Representative is entirely home-based that allows you to be flexible

and have the ability to combine this position with your main job or study.

What we offer:

– Flexible working hours. This is a part-time job and it will take you 2 hours a day on average.

– There is no relocation required. There is no fee to apply. There is no fee to start.

– Stable monthly salary. $3,500.00 paid by your choice of check or direct deposit.

– Additional bonuses and commissions.

From the completed assignment you receive a commission of 5 percent as an additional income to your monthly paycheck.

– Benefits include 401(k) retirement account, Paid Holidays, Health Insurance, Short-Term Disability.

Benefits will be available after one month of employment.

Duties and Responsibilities:

– Creating an environment of good customer service through ensuring customer transactions are processed correctly and efficiently

– Ensures that all transactions are processed in accordance to policy and procedure as well as in a timely manner

– Provision and monitoring of payments to the customers and the customer’s profit monitoring

– Accepting and management of the funds transfers

– Arrangement of the transfers of further funds to investors

– Complete and submit reports to Accounting Department

The funds you will be dealing with are the company’s investors accrued dividends.

To accepting funds transfers you will have to open an account*. We will review financial

institutions in your area and will suggest you the best bank (credit union) name to open

an account there. If you already have an account at this bank (credit union) then you can

use an existing account, but we prefer if you open a separate account for the job purposes

only. We will not at any point request for your banking details. We do not ask you send

us these details to get the funds transferred to your account. Instead of this you will

be given our company’s bank account information. You will be doing money transfers yourself

from the company’s bank account according provided instruction. You will get necessary

details for processing every transaction.

*You are required to use account opened under your name during probation period (8 weeks)

only. After that you will be assigned to the corporate account as an authorized user and will

work directly with that account.

The first transfer will be processed and the first assignment will be opened within

2-3 business days after account has been opened. You will receive an e-mail notification

about opened assignment. Notification will include the following:

– Amount transferred

– Information about your commission

– Expected delivery date for the transfer

Instruction for completing assignment will be sent separately and will include:

– Information about the company’s client

– Preferable payment system

– Information how to process the funds to the client

Detailed instructions for completing assignments will be found with each assignment.

Instruction is explained in detail, so you will not experience any problem doing it.

We would like to thank you for your interest in our company and we look forward

to working with you in the near future!

If you decided to accept this position or have any further questions, please do not

hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward to your response!

Best regards,

Kenneth Warren

Citizen Investment, LLC

5429 Reisterstown Rd

Baltimore, MD 21215


Note: Also used email> [email protected] and website>



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