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Angela –

Total money lost $2,800

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

We were sent an invoice in the mail. We called and were told that we had signed up for a listing. We paid the bill. We received another bill. We told them to cancel the listing (that has never been seen). They told us that would be our last charge and if we paid with a credit card number we would save 10%. So we paid with a credit card. They kept our card number and continued to charge quarterly. Repeatedly called to cancel and were always told this was the last charge. We have finally scared them enough that they say they have cancelled. Should be receiving a letter of cancellation today.

Garrett –

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

After receiving threats and invoices from City Business Listing that we refused to pay, we also received a letter from CCDD (Company Credit Dispute Department). They demand to pay the invoice of 787.48 $ for City Business Listing. They are obviously scammers that work together. Google shows that the same company (CCDD) is bothering lots of people the same way.

Peter –

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

They keep sending us threats and invoices for the unclear service we never wanted.

Reginald –

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

September 2015, received phone call from a person representing "City Business Listing", asking if I would like to place ad with their business listings. I told them to forward all information to our mailing address which they must have gotten off our website as they never asked for our address during our conversation. We then received a flash drive in the mail. In the mean time I did some research on them, after reviewing we found what they had to offer would not serve our needs so I sent the flash drive back to them and told them we weren’t interested in an ad placement. In November we received a invoice for $787.48 .

I immediately called them about the invoice and the fact we hadn’t approved an ad placement , nor given them any of our company info to place an ad. They became quite agitated , said they said we okay-ed the ad on tape and threatened to report our company to credit bureau. Our Legal department has sent several letters to City Business Listing requesting to receive all communications between us and City Business Listing , such as the taped conversation they said they had of us approving the ad. They have not complied, but continue to send the fake invoice and collection letters from their in house collection letterhead ( CCDD) .

Have spoken to RCMP, they advised reporting this to the Canadian Anti Fraud Center which I will do next As of this morning a City Business Listing rep has called our equipment dispatch phone numbers which is listed on our website requesting payment. This is unbelievable, harassment.

George –

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

City Business Listing – Our business was called by City Business Listing. They said they wanted to confirm our contact information for the business. They gave me all our information (which they could get out of the phone book or on our website) I confirmed the information they had was correct. They then asked if I was the one responsible for purchasing. I said yes, that was it. We later got a thumb drive sent to us from them with an invoice for $750.00 plus taxes. I returned it to them, as I am not putting an unidentified thumb drive, with their "information package", in my computer that holds all my company financials. I later received a phone call from their collections department saying I owe them this $750.00 plus taxes. I politely told them that when called I was not told that it was a sales call and that their would be any charges. They called to "confirm" our contact information. Once I stated this they got very defensive & rude stating that the phone call had been recorded and the were going to bring up the recording and a manager would be calling me back. They also said that they all ready put our information on their website and that I must pay for services rendered. I looked at their website and they have a few other businesses from our area on it but not many. I wonder if they got pulled in the same way I did and if they paid. I never did hear from a "manager" but still receive invoices regularly from them.

Theresa –

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

called about putting us on their website, I asked for further information got a USB stick, later on an invoice over 700 cad. Now calls with threats and forces payment.

Joe –

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

City business listing sent us a USB drive of services they offer regarding advertising in Sept 2015; this was returned immediately with a note stating we a small organization and would not require their services for advertisement. we have been contacted approx. 2-3 times per month since Sept 2015 to as of recent March 1st requesting payment for advertising services rendered for approx. 900.00. Between invoices and phone discussions it has always been very clearly identified that we would not require their services and have never agreed to authorizing a listing. the moment we state we never authorized any advertisement they hang up.

Deanna –

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

City Business listing called to see if I wanted to renew my 2 year contract with them. I told them I didn’t know who they were and if they could send me information via email I would check into it. Never received anything. Then 1 week later they called my business partner and told him they wanted to renew our 2 year contract. Beleiving we were already with them, he said yes. Later same day I spoke to my business partner and we realized it was the same company. He then called City Business listing several times and left several voicemails. No one ever returned the calls. When I received the invoice, i sent it back by courier with required signature. They call weekly to collect even after I emailed them and spoke to them on the phone about the cancellation.



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