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Jermaine –

Victim Location 33055

Type of a scam Employment

They will tell you that your job assignment will be to deliver packages that you will receive to your home. It’s a scam you deliver packages to fedex or ups the postage is paid by them. You are to get paid after the 30 days. They sent me to Walgreens to pick up a package with a letter that had a fake Id on it. When you ask them about if they are legitimate they tell u they are

Carl –

Victim Location 77506

Type of a scam Employment

I applied for a job listing under a company named PTS LOGISTICS, INC on claiming to have duties such as sorting the mail and answering phones for $3000 monthly salary. I was urged to send my resume to [email protected] I did and I received a phone interview claiming I got the job and started immediately. Turned out to be a work from home job as “mail forwarding courier “ for City Transfer Courier they assigned me an online account to email with them and track packages. I received my 1st package at my home address within a day with a different persons name and I was to take a photo upload it and send it to them and they then emailed me a shipping label to ship it to the “customer” a whole different name than the initial one. I began suspicious and started doing some research found similarities to other people being scammed into these jobs and turned to fraudulent packages purchased online with stolen identity that used your address to launder their name. I immediately emailed them letting them know I resigned and to stop and return any current and future packages. 2 to 3 days later I received several letters on the mail all with different unknown names to me from Paypal and a bank. I plan to return them all to sender tomorrow Monday at the local post office.



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