Civic Tax Relieg

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Bryce –

Victim Location 80209

Type of a scam Tax Collection

A person by the name of Veronica called from this number, she identified her operator number as #229. She stated that I had an outstanding tax debt with my ex husband and that he had called them to get help with his taxes. This should have nothing to do with me. She asked for my thoughts and I told her that I was not in any debt with my ex husband, we have been divorced for years and do not share any tax debt. She made me angry in back and forth conversation and I finally asked her for her supervisor’s information. She gave me the name of George De La Mora, and his number 949-664-5922. I insisted on them giving me my full name, and asked when they had spoken to my ex husband, they told me that they could not give me confidential information and a bunch of garbage about what they could not discuss. They were attempting me to acknowledge that I owed the IRS a debt which I refused to do. I told them to three way my ex-husband on the phone if they had talked to him, and they placed me on a long hold, then supposedly dialed his number but they disconnected me….I do not believe they are a real company. The calls never got to a place of discussing payment options, etc…I told them to never call me again.



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