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Daniel –

Victim Location 01504

Type of a scam Debt Collections

First a fake process server called from an unknown number asking if I would be around. She said she had motorized documents which required my signature and said I had to call an office number 806-230-6295 in regards to file “400614” today to get more information. She identified herself as Jill Brown. When I called the number given, honestly thinking it was in regards to my son’s school IEP, it went to a voicemail that said leave your name number and file number. I did and an Eric Gill called me. He said it was in regards to a delinquent Bank of America account. He told he my name, date of birth, and last 4 digits of my SSN. I did not deny or confirm anything. He went on to say that I needed to pay today or further action would be taken his client. He would not mail or email a debt validation letter, and said they would take credit car payment or a prepaid card payment. I said I would think it over and promptly hung up. Upon google search on the company’s name and numbers, I discovered that there is no such company in existence and there have been other complaints regarding this number trying to scam through false debt collections. I’m very concerned that they have such private information.

Derek –

Victim Location 47715

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Contacted by male from an "unknown" number saying they had legal documents to serve me that they wanted to bring out the same day. I told him I wasn’t available and he gave me the number, 806-256-6501. Called the number and they said I owed $535 on a 5/3 rd account that had been closed in 2008. (11 years ago) They said if I didn’t resolve or satisfy the payment that a civil suit would be filled and that a judgment would be placed against me for 3 times as much. I asked for their Tax ID# and address and they refused, they said I would receive that information on the documents that would arrive in the next day or two. In Indiana they have 6 years to take you to court or try to collect as stated by law §34-11-2-7. I plan to counter sue for the max of $1000 in Indiana under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act if any additional information or contact is received.

Johnny –

Victim Location 72118

Type of a scam Debt Collections

First received a call from unknown that left a voicemail to get in touch with me, using my maiden name. Said they have been hired to serve me legal documents between the hours of 3 and 5pm on Thursday April 25th at my current residence or place of employment. The documents would need my signature and photo ID. If I had questions or wanted full disclosure in the matter to call 832-662-7004 and gave me a case number. They called my father and brother as well. I called the number back and spoke with an extremely rude individual who stated US Bank had a judgement for me from 2004 – 2006 of $1500. Asked if I did this intentionally. I said nope. Then said I had 2 options, accept the judgement and voluntary pay it in full or dispute the charges and have the judgement sent to court where my paycheck would be garnished up to 3 times the amount. I told them there is nothing on my credit report – he said it wouldn’t show b/c it would go to a hot checks claim.I told him I wasn’t going to make a decision until I checked my records. Once I checked my records and saw that I had paid that debt years ago and had a letter confirming that I called the number back. A different guy answered and we got disconnected. He called back and left a voicemail stating his name was Kevin Wagner and his direct line was 832-558-8967. I called, no answer and left a voicemail stating I had my documentation and where do I need to send it. Never got a call back. Called US Bank to ask them about it. They verified with my social that I do not owe them anything, they don’t use the company or have that number listed and I that I more than likely had been scammed.

Brendan –

Victim Location 91602

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Jack Dempsey & Carl Waters called me from Civil Conflict Resolution in order to "serve papers" on an invalid debt from over a decade ago (Identity Theft). They must be getting desperate.



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