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Kristine –

Total money lost $2,975.30

Type of a scam Employment

I applied for a job offer on Indeed website (… ) and one day after application, I receive a message from a person called Benjamin Nick.

He offered me this job to fix laptops and I should receive $700 weekly as payment. He explained to me about the position and told me that I’ll receive at home a check to deposit and use with expenses for this position (including with shipping). I asked for information about the company, but I didn’t receive an answer. After 24 hours I send an e-mail with my address and 1 day after I received a check at home to deposit in my account. The value for this check was $2,975.30, I went to the bank and deposit this check. My cashback was $1,500 and I not even know about that. So, I thought this check was original and I proceed paying the shipping for the laptops. 3 days after my account was frozen and totally blocked because of this fraud and the check was refused and now I owe to the bank more than $2,900.00.

After this situation, I start to backtrack everything about this scammer. And here is all the information that I could trace it back:


Number (604)256-5087, this number belongs to a landline in New Westminster, and my phone identified the person as ‘Mark Logan".

The check was sent to me by a company called "Silver Maple Ventures Inc." located in 350-1122 Mainland St, Vancouver BC, V6B 5L1.

The person who sends the check is called Thorndales and this check was sent from 618 Applewood Cres, Concord ON, L4K 4B4. I verified this address and belongs to Homewood Suites Toronto Vaughan Hotels.

the shipper in my email was called Gain Plus Movers ([email protected]), and I’ve received a call from this shipper using the number +1(872)529-5458 and my mobile identified this number as GrandCentral located in Chicago, IL, USA.



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