Check CIXET reviews to see if it is legit.

Lawrence – Jul 09, 2020

I had the same exoerience with Cixet and reporting to Sarah rocher linda alsup etc and kept copies of all my interactions When they were suppose to pay me they shut down their systems so could not be contacted. Looking to file a law suit if a few get toghter can do a class action lawsuit.

Kelly – Jun 25, 2020

I had the same experience with this company and they have my social and all but i kept every shipping label and copys of all the places i shipped to along with all copys of messages n emails from the supposed company and payroll and all that damn scammers its crazy. I have all the shipping labels i recieved also i kept everything ! Bit im unsure what to do about it at the time they scammed me their website was still up

Adrienne – Jun 09, 2020

It’s been two months and no one has said anything. I need to know if anyone has had problems with their social security number or ID. I think they might have tried changing some of our numbers back in February as soon as they got it on the W-9 and locked some of us out of our own identity, that’s why the social security registrar isn’t picking it up. I need everyone here to check out there ID and social security and email me anything unusual at [email protected]

James – Apr 17, 2020

Unfortunately I was also scammed, Sarah Rocher was my mentor well, supposed to be. I thought it were a real job I have invested in printers spent hundreds of dollars in ink and copy paper.

Miranda – Apr 10, 2020

Why anyone would develop such an elaborate plan to scam is beyond me. I did the probationary month. I didn’t receive a check. I said every picture and copy of the labels sent out. Let’s do something! If I get a response from some of the rest of you that you are interested, I will make an appointment with an attorney and see what can be done. Please email me at [email protected] Thank you.

Richard – Apr 10, 2020

Read my reply. I will definitely begin filing complaints and presenting all of my evidence to all of the agencies mentioned to other victims on scam-pulse. I have already notified the Texas Dept of Public Safety and SS Administration of this scam and they have flagged my driver’s license. I have had both for many years, and I’ll be damn if I allow these low lifes to use my name or identity. I just hope they try so they will truly find out Don’t Mess with Texas! Sarah Rocher, Linda Alsup and Natalie Warner, I took pics of all URLs, Chats, emails, records of calls. We are going to hunt you down and when they catch you. You will be even more miserable than you already are!

Heidi – Apr 06, 2020

I have been scammed as well. My 30 day probation period was up on March 19. Crazy thing is I randomly received another package this past Saturday. I’m sure it was in error. What do y’all think I should do?

Robert – Jul 09, 2020

can have a class action suit against themHas anyone repored this to BBB and U>S> Fraud Dept we

Kelli – Apr 11, 2020

Don’t keep it! Take it to authorities and file a theft report against them and tell your story. Change the locks to the doors of your home. After all, they have all of our addresses. My home is highly survellienced and they knew that when I complained to Sarah of putting my name that I had received a pkg and they spelled my last name DONE as if I weren’t home. I was home and sent her a shot of me opening the door getting the package from the camera on my home which is monitored by the police 24/7 and I live in a low crime neighborhood. That’s what we do around my neighborhood catch criminals or run them away. What dummies they just think they are smart. Also file a complaint here:
Read the remaining agencies I am going to file complaints through (FBI etc.) It will be well worth the 3 hrs of my time once I download all of the evidence to a zip folder vs. the 30 days of my hard work getting scammed to catch and expose them!

Bryan – Apr 10, 2020

Fight! See my comments. Someone informed me that it takes about 30 days for scammers to pull off these schemes then they cut off all contact and websites. They made one mistake with me and I am not telling. They are like dogs lapping in their own vomit to me!

Cory – Apr 06, 2020

I live in Bradenton FL. I was also scammed by this company. I have reported it to the FBI and also the credit companies. Have tried my best to put it all on a freeze. However, this is very scary. Maybe we could contact an attorney. There are so many of us. I’m wondering what recourse we have collectively?! It’s a very bad feeling having this happen to you. I too got a message from PayPal that my phone number had been changed. Thanks for the heads up to contact them. If you want to contact me directly my email is [email protected]

Tabitha – Apr 11, 2020

I’m more pissed off at myself because I spoke to one of these fools for a phone interview and believed them. I don’t care if it takes 20 years they really scammed the wrong one here! The website with all these pictures of the men and COO and stuff. I’m giving the agencies I file with everything in hopes they use some poor man’s name fraudulently on the CIXET website. Read all of my replies. I am not playing with them. Even if they paid, hell I would be scared to cash the check from these [censored]. I still have four pkgs and have turned them over to the Police dept and filed a report. I have another real job so I will finish filing complaints with every single one of the other agencies on Monday when I am off work. Fight! Together we all can expose this name if nothing else but I have confidence the team I’m contacting will find them all the way deep in cyberspace. We will!

Andrew – Apr 05, 2020

I was also a victim not sure what can be done at this point except changing my information all this sounds very formally the name of supervisor email and offer of a high pay iam very concerned . Iam in ct shocked to hear and see all the other people that where victim have never heard of or seen anything like this what can be done

Luis – Apr 04, 2020

Yes, ive read all these post you guys have made ans its exactly what happened to me, I refuse to give up until they are in jail. What can we do as a group?

Logan – Apr 11, 2020

See my comments and file complaints to protect yourself and family. Better yet, stop and expose these heartless jailbirds! I bet you any amount of money they were already criminals. That’s why I know we are going to catch them and when they do I promise I am going to be at the court proceeding just to look them in the face as ask them: “Did you ever think how you would feel if it were you, your mother, sister or brother? Do you have a heart that feels? and Last: Are you really this evil and greedy? Then I am going to kill them with: I forgive you and I want you to see mine and everyone’s name you used every day and night while you sit in prison and eat dry bologna sandwiches daily…in pure heartbreak to change your life. Because when they finish paying for this deed it will be a long time before they see daylight outside of prison wall. They committed mail fraud ya’ll how in the hell. I already had a UPS, USPS and FedEx account prior to them hiring me and literally have a record on those sites of where each package was sent. All the gold bars I shipped…are you kidding me… they are connected to their own team of criminals and we are going to find them!

Ronnie – Apr 04, 2020

I wish I knew what we could do as a group. I have reported them to every agency that I know of. Did anyone ever get hired or just work a month’s probation? I am really concerned about the use of my social security number, etc. Remember we were told that if a letter comes to our home, to not open it but notify Sarah and send it to their office? Well, I did get a letter like that and opened it before I thought about it. It was a Welcome to PayPal letter and it said that the monthly statements would be sent to this address: [email protected] I emailed this address and naturally never received a reply. The letter was not addressed to me but it had my home address. I have contacted PayPal and notified the three credit bureau’s about it. Where does everyone live? I’m in Knoxville, TN

Miguel – Apr 02, 2020

I have also been scammed by this company. I finished my probation on March 6th and still waiting for a check. As of today, the CIXET web site was down and my last email to Natalie Warner, payroll, did not go through. Sarah Rocher was my supervisor and I do have copies of the chats with her. I thought it was too good to be true and it was. I was asked to send one package to Russia but it was returned to me and I had to mail it back to CA. I have felt for a couple of weeks that this could be a scam and today I found this site. I’m very concerned that they have my social security number, etc. What can we do other than to report them to every agency available.

Ashlee – Apr 11, 2020

Yeah they know I’m at them. I sent all of them one hot burning email before they shut down everything and they know I’m a good girl and use to work for an attorney. I’m sure they have seen this website and are as scared as hell…which is what I want them to be.
You can run but you can’t hide with all the force I am going to use legally. I’m in DFW, Texas. See my replies and file more complaints. If I could file for all of us I would but I can’t. But the more we band together creates a network of consumers being scammed which will get us higher up in those authorities to get something done. Cybersurvellience in these agencies is very high tech and is there to catch criminals like them. Hell for all we know all three women could just be one person! But we will to find out!

Karl – Apr 02, 2020

I never sent anything outside the US but most items were valuable. I still got items to ship after my probation time and asked what to do with them. Sarah sent me chats saying she would send me info to ship them. That never came, I didn’t get the check but at least have a few items I can sell or keep to make up for some of it.

Ivan – Apr 01, 2020

I am really frustrated and angry after reading reviews on CIXET. They scammed me also. I wished something like this was out here before I started what I thought was a job. I finished my 30 day probation period March 12th and still no check as of this report. I have been emailing HR and Sarah consistently every week for payment status and got nothing. Today I got a “Delivery incomplete” email for Sarah. I tried returning to the portal and website and found Scampulse. It appears both have been taken down. I am so mad at myself for knowing better. Other than getting ourselves into trouble what can we do?

Lance – Apr 01, 2020

I should have known – anything that sounds too good to be true . . . .
So sorry to hear about all those who have also been hurt by this company. Let me know if there are ways to get back at them. I left a good paying job for this – It is so wrong ! Those people at “CIXET” need to be caught asap.

Garrett – Apr 01, 2020

Did anyone ship these products out of the country? I have a feeling they had us shipping them to each other to blur the tracking, before they were shipped out of the country.

We need to keep in contact through this site or somewhere else and cover each others back if this crap comes to blame us for theft or something. It scares me because these were high priced items.

Isaac – Apr 01, 2020

No, I didn’t ship anything out of the country, but I am pissed off! Each and every one of you please follow suit to stop these low life people from targeting other victors like us. Yes, I said victor, we were used, defrauded and mislead So, we are not victims but victors and I am a fighter and winner. This is not OK! This is as low as you can go and we have the power to expose who these criminals are! I’m filing complaints online beginning today with Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau in LA, Attorney General LA, United States Postal Service Office of Inspector General. Because this is a high technology crime YES, I am filing complaint witht he FBI! Also contact your driver’s license division, social security administration to report that your license and # may be being used in a fraudulent crimes and requests new ones. They got the right one OR should I say made a WRONG MOVE ON THE RIGHT ONE! It’s ok to cry I have…then I got real mad and this is what this Sarah Rocher, Natalie Warner, Linda Alsup and all those CEOs are going to get from me…A VERY HARD TIME! I have accounts at FED EX, USPS and UPS and still have every pkgs I shipped for them and where to in those portals. I also have every picture of the items I shipped with every tracking label THEY provided. I took pics of my fake CRM of every item with my acct details and every single chat and kept every single email. Like I said initially, NOT on my Watch… FIGHT BACK MY FELLOW WARRIORS. They OWE ME $2550!This really hurts!

Shawna – Apr 01, 2020

Hard to believe, I am bamboozled why this happened. I share the same experience of all of you on this platform but don’t understand why this elaborate scam was set up and how the organizers could profit unless they had control of the destination of all these packages. I just can’t make out how they stood to profit, but I also never understood how they would profit paying me a flat $2,500 to be in the distribution loop. I just assumed they discovered a margin in shipping rates and developed a strategy to exploit it over time by hitting volume of customers to make it profitable long term. I can’t waste any more time chasing the wind but if anybody gets a lead on catching up with them, count me in for a class action. If nothing else, Karma will catch them.

Virginia – Apr 01, 2020

I still have four of their packages Sarah lied and stated over and over that I would receive a label in my email three times and I didn’t. I will be turning the packages over to the agency that wants them as evidence. Who knows may their fingerprints will be on them! I know mine will but that’s ok because I am innocent here. I don’t want to keep anything from these dogs!

Laura – Mar 30, 2020

We all need to come together and fill some type of suit to be paid what’s owed to us and some

Kelly – Apr 01, 2020

Read my post on what you need to do if you want your money. You can’t expect a class action suit if we don’t band as a force and file complaints our agencies who protect us from schemers like these dirty people. This could happen at a worse time when our country is in crisis! Hell no. rollover if you want that’s truly your own decision. I am going to fight for mine and stop them from doing this to someone else! Even if I don’t get my money these [censored] are going to pay with some prison time. Let’s go!

Katrina – Mar 31, 2020

The company isn’t real, no one to sue. We have all lost out here. should of kept some of the stuff.

Jessie – Mar 30, 2020

Victim Location 50208

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Offered work from home job inspecting product for quality assurance before sending on to the buyer. After 30 days, payroll check never came in mail as I was informed it would. I researched the company and repackaging scams. Found this on USPS website. Please do not use this or any repackaging company out there. It is a scam and you could be committing a federal crime just by doing the "job".

Money lost was packaging supplies and time.

It is also very bad because of the human resource paperwork, now they have my social security number.

Sean – Mar 29, 2020

Same experience here. Finished my 30 day “probationary” period 3/16. Was sent an email from Natalie Warner that my check was mailed that day at 3pm. Check never showed and have email all 3 of my contacts with no response. Crazy how legit the website looks. How do we as a group move forward to hold these people accountable?

Alberto – Apr 01, 2020

Fight back, Brad! There are agencies that have the resources to track them down. Read my post! STOP Them.

Dane – Mar 28, 2020

No one hear will ever get their check, get it through your head. We’ve all been scammed. This is a reshipping scam, and they have our IDs and Social Security numbers stored, and you can bet they’ll use it to impersonate us. So everyone do two things: report them to ICANN whois at [email protected] and tell them to remove and as they are scams, and then change your ID and Social Security. These website have existed since September 2017. They took over two years planning this. Linda Alsup, Natalie Warner, and Sarah Rocher don’t exist.

Grace – Mar 28, 2020

Has as anybody recieved a check I have a newborn baby that I sacrificed actually working and getting paid every week for this bull[censored] thinking the money was worth the wait and I could put my family in a better position.. instead this covid 19 virus is going on towards the end and these people playing games with my money.. yoooo this is some wild sh…

Andre – Mar 28, 2020

These mother [censored]ers sent me all types off sh.. from 4 sets of air pods at a time, $1200 laptops, apple watches, iPhones pretty much thousands of dollars worth of nice sh.. that I should of kept knowing what I do know.. I looked into if it was a scam or not starting off and none of this was up here and it seemed legit until it was time to for them to cut my check. The end of my probationary period was March 16 and they sent me a email that day congratulating me on the completion of it and my check said to be mailed out that day and could take up to 7 days to reach me.. now I order plenty of items in the past through Ebayand received some through USPS and only took 5 days tops to receive.. well 7 days came and went and I was then told 10 to 14 days and when I in return told them I would wait not to cancel my check but to instead email me a copy of my pay stub all response stopped at that point.. HR wont respond pretty much any body that enailed me until this point stopped responding.. today is the 10th day to thec14th and seeing all this now has me more then pissed off and I’m in debt now [censored]in around with this so cold great op6i thought I lucked up on smh



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