Claimed to be from microsoft

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Dustin –

Victim Location 53525

Type of a scam Tech Support

Someone called saying they were representing Microsoft in south carolina. They claimed that when I was downloading games, I also downloaded malware. I have never downloaded a game …ever. They wanted to show me on my computer what they meant. She also asked how many computers we had in house and what type. I asked her for some proof of who she was, since her number was unavailable. She kept insisting she needed to show me the problem on my computer. Her English was not good. I hung up.

Richard –

Victim Location 15868

Total money lost $3,900

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a call from a person who identified himself as Bruce Johnson of the He said he was calling to make sure a refund was sent to me and my son for monies we had paid to a scam. I was on the phone for over an hour with this person, before it got to the point where I figured out it was another scam. I actually have a picture of a check on my laptop. First scam was someone stating they were from Microsoft and needed to make some updates to our computers. My son thinking it was legitimate, let this person onto 3 laptops. Payment for the updates was $300 each and this was good for 3 yrs. Several months later, they needed to add an anti-virus and initially charged $500 each; the payment didn’t go through so had to purchase another card for $500 each. Total is $3,900.



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