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Sabrina –

Victim Location 15137

Type of a scam Other

While trying to log on to the ESPN website, my laptop started beeping and I received a message to phone 888-876-6940. Once I phoned, a foreign sounding man claiming to be Edward Smith, working for Microsoft, Employee #565, claimed that my computer was infected with a virus. He offered to help me deal with the problem and asked me to type in He took control of my computer and lots of dates and numbers scrolled down my screen. He claimed that a virus was infecting the computer and circled in red the words "foriegn user." When my wife noticed that "foriegn" was spelled wrong, we asked how he could verify that he was indeed a Microsoft employee. That’s when he identified himself as "Edward Smith, Employee Number 565." We logged off the computer and shut it down because we did not want him to have control of the computer any longer. Meanwhile my wife went online and checked the phone number for Microsoft Support. Surprise. When we called them, because it was 9:30 PM on a Saturday night, we got the message that Microsoft Support was closed and to call back during regular business hours.

Luke –

Victim Location 20007

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

While trying to do a search on Google Chrome the computer froze and a notice came up saying that I had a virus, I should call a help number for Microsoft assistance giving the number listed earlier here. I called and it sounded like any computer help line. I asked for tech assistance and the person (identified as Shaun with a South Asian accent, claiming to be in Texas, asked me to describe the problem, which I did. I then followed his instructions and he entered my computer. He showed some frequency results which he said verified a virus and said he would fix it. I asked how it could have happened and he said that my Microsoft subscription expired Sept 8 since my computer was about five years old (I checked later and it was 4.5 years old). I said I knew nothing about a subscription and he gave what seemed to be a warranty-concurrent explanation, concluding that my option was either a one year, three years or life time subscription. He asked how many devices were on our network. I said five and he since he’d already said that five could only be covered by a three years subscription I reluctantly said OK. I let him charge $499.99 to a visa card. Then I called a Microsoft store and they said this was a scam. I canceled that visa card account.

Erik –

Victim Location 11730

Type of a scam Tech Support

A person with an Indian accent claims to be calling from Windows Microsoft service center, wanting to gain access to our computer. Became belligerent when challenged. The phone number calling is 815 789 9522 and is identified as Orangeville, Illinois.

Spencer –

Victim Location 97835

Total money lost $240

Type of a scam Tech Support

Reporting a scam. I took this for a authentic call from Microsoft to keep my computer safe. Paid $240.00 for a one time fix. They proceeded to call a month later with the same story, then I figured I was scammed.

I spoke with Thomas Williams, #800.428.833, #877.908.6248

Don’t know what you can do, but he needs to be stopped.



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