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Martin –

Victim Location 02919

Type of a scam Credit Cards

On july 14,2017 I received a phone call from Card Services telephone # 1-800-421-4800 stating i was eligible to reduce my interest rates on my credit cards to 9 percent because I have faithfully paid on time and owe at least 5,ooo. She statred to ask me for account numbers and I told her I refuse to give them out over the phone. She proceeds to tell me no person can use the numbers for purchases without my cvc security codes.I asked her name. She responded Irene Law. When I asked her to mail me the information with the companys address she stated she had done so in the past and I had not responded, hence the phone call from her today. When she did not give me Card Services address, she claimed she did not have it available. I told her it was hard to believe she did not know the address of which she worked. She stated I could find Card services on the back of any of my credit cards, which is not true only customer service # to each acct. I tried calling the 1-800-421-4800 # back but could not speak to anyone without providing an account #. I called customer service to one of my accounts, they told me they would never call by phone regarding reductions in interest rates and to report this toBetter Busineess Bureau. suggested to report a scam after they tried calling the 1_800-421-4800 and saw it was linked briefly to Bank America which I do not have any accounts with. Beware of people trying to scam your account numbers



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