Claiming to be IRS

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Hilary –

Victim Location 85750

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received a phone message that is supposedly from the IRS warning that I will be taken into custody for tax payments if I do not call 805-270-0495 immediately.

Krystal –

Victim Location 02907

Type of a scam Tax Collection

These people keep

Calling claiming to be the IRS. Looking for money from

Different numbers.

1-312-379-5897 Chicago IL

1-253-238-0054 Tacoma WA

These are two of the numbers that keep calling with the nonsense. Thank you!

Bruce –

Victim Location 02176

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received phone call on my cell phone (on do not call list already). The computerized woman’s voice said she was calling from the IRS with my final warning. To avoid having an arrest warrant issued for tax fraud (not true) I was to call the office at 866-553-6069 right away. The automated message hung up after the message was completed and did not give any indication of how to opt out or to be removed from the phone call list.

Chelsea –

Victim Location 04011

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Have gotten numerous threatening robo calls accusing me of owing money to irs.

Eddie –

Victim Location 65583

Type of a scam Tax Collection

I’ve received two calls on my cell phone this week, and from two different numbers and locations, leaving a voice message that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me and needing me to contact them at the numbers provided.

Here are the dates/times and locations/numbers (per callerID):

Monday, September 19, at 2:15 PM from Fulton, NY 850-464-1097.

Wednesday, September 21, at 8:40 AM from Madison, FL 3*** ***e kept the messages on my phone for verification and realize these are most likely frauds as I pay my taxes every year, but they are a nuisance and these perpetrators are probably scamming unsuspecting elderly and other citizens out of their money.

Todd –

Victim Location 29742

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Called and said that my father owed money to the IRS and if he didn’t pay that they would be sending the sherriff office to their home to have him arrested.

Naomi –

Victim Location 35601

Type of a scam Government Grant

Called 6 times on 8/23, I finally answered and they said I was the recipient of a 9,800.00 Grant from the Federal Grant Dept. They asked me to call 202-888-4067 to be put on the register. They told me I had three choices on how to receive the grant. Wire, credit card or bank account. I knew not to give my SS# or CC# or bank account number. I never called the number. They called 8/25 and said it was a 10,200.00 grant I would receive. They called again today, 8/26 and said they were with the IRS.

Johnny –

Victim Location 77536

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received call from above number claiming to be IRS saying I owed money due to mis caculation on my taxes. Said if I didn’t pay $4,700 they would put warrant out for my arrest as well as seize any property bank accounts ect. I told them I would e reporting this and they tried arguing with me so I hung up.

Gerald –

Victim Location 83301

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received three calls (they went to voice mail) claiming to be from the IRS. The recording states they are making a "final call" to inform caller that there is a lawsuit being filed against them. They give the phone number listed below as a means of contacting them for further information.



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