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Nathaniel –

Victim Location 80925

Type of a scam Employment

I was offered a job with this company, was Interviewed and hired. Sent my W-4 and I-9 paperwork via email and communicated via Google Hangouts. A check was overnighted to me and was asked to deposit funds via cash apps (ie CashApp, Zelle and Venmo). My bank noticed fraudulent charges and I started the process of reporting this fraud.

Preston –

Victim Location 38544

Type of a scam Employment

I was looking for a job on indeed com, I got an email [email protected] saying to email personnel manager through Google Hangouts for interview [email protected] . After a short interview she said I got the job and it would be $21-$30 an hour. Already suspicious, she wanted me to talk to the training supervisor the next day, Bryan Lothrop [email protected] , he has done zero training. Said I’m supposed to get a check to buy equipment. Check is from NY and has a different company and name on it. Checked and found similar scams. Glad I got out when I did!

Krystal –

Victim Location 38506

Type of a scam Employment

contact on google hangouts is [email protected]

Good afternoon. *** ***, applied for front desk/receptionist position. Job ID is HR2019-00006J

(the rest is just scammer side of communication)

Before we proceed further I would love to know more about you. That would help where to categorize you and how best to interview you. I Mrs.Michelle Kendra Age 53.The personnel manager of Luminacare Solutions Inc . Please introduce yourself indicate your location?

These are the requirements for the Job…

-Must be fluent in communication and English

-Must have a clear criminal charges

-Must be atleast 40wpm average

-Must be above 18years

I believe you have no issues here?

I will start by briefing you about the company.

LuminaCare Solutions provides cloud-based predictive analytic software that personalizes treatments for patients with bacterial infections. The proprietary technology rapidly guides the selection of appropriate antibacterial treatments within 24 hours , minimizing the length of hospital stay and cost of care for each patient . Getting the patient on correct antibiotic within 24 hours reduces the length of stay for the patient by at least 40%.

At LuminaCare, our mission is to help advance the diagnosis and treatment of patients with infectious disease. Treating patients is difficult. The factors include variable drug exposures, pathogen identification and potential resistance.

You can visit the company at for more information.You may review the website while we proceed …. Okay?

This opportunity enables you to work from home for the main time until we set up a new office closer to your location, the pay is $21 per hour for the training and $30 per hour after training and will be get payment bi weekly via direct deposit or paycheck and the maximum amount you can work a week is 45 hours. if you are employed you are going to be working as a full employee

I believe working from home will not be a problem for you ?

The Position Available within the company is for Customer Service Rep/Call Center Rep and Data Entry which of these position do you prefer?

Main duties and responsibilities is to enter data into computers. This data may be text and numbers. It may relate to customers, suppliers and manufacturers and may be scientific, technical, financial or sales-based. The computer system dictates the way the worker enters the data. The system requires data to be in a specific format so it can produce material such as invoices and analytical reports. Can you handle it ?

You will undergo training from your training supervisor, The first phase of your training will be centered on your mini-office set up and handling of tasks/assignments which will be done intermittently.

In the second phase, trainees will imbibe a direct-stringent approach in getting themselves acquainted with their office equipment(software & hardware) and company’s payroll system. Also will they be assigned special projects to work on.

Note: The company handle all the fee for the working materials/softwares


* The opportunity to take part in groundbreaking and life-saving work

* Working with an extraordinary team of smart, creative, fun and highly motivated people

* Comprehensive health coverage, competitive salary, and meaningful equity

* Flexible time off &flexible working hours

* Health, Dental, Life and AD&D Insurance, Employee Wellness and 401k plans.

* Paid Time Off and Holidays

Please answer the following questions as accurately as possible.

Have you ever worked from home or online before ? How many hours do you intend to dedicate to this job position daily?

Tell me an achievement you are proud of …. What are your weaknesses? What are your strengths?

What’s your clerical speed? Do you have an idea of how to use MS excel ?What motivates you?

Why should we hire you? What can you do for us that other candidates can’t?

• How would you like to be Paid ? Weekly Or Bi-Weekly?

• What means of payment do you prefer ? Direct deposit , Check , Wire Transfer ?

• What Bank Do you Operate with to see if it tallies with the company’s official salary payment account ?

Well you have done well so far and you seem like a perfect fit for this position.

Hold on online while i send your answers to my superiors for review and consideration okay.

I am back now..the result for the interview is on my desk are you still available online?

Congratulations, your performance ensured you had a good score eligible for enrollment into our weekly routine training programmer. You scored 8.5 out of a possible 10. , you have just been confirmed qualified for this position You are now offered the job position…you are HIRED!

You are welcome to Luminacare Solutions Inc.

You are now given a chance to show your commitment, charisma, diligence and be a productive employee

How do you feel now ?

I believe the company can count on your devotion?

It is mandatory you be online(Google Hangout) Every week day from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm during training and it is flexible (E.S.T). You will be given series of tasks/assignments on a day-to-day basis.

You will be placed on a 2 weeks training which will take place online, 8am-2pm EST and 45 hours per week during work and it is flexible also, Mon-Fri through GoogleHangOut…Note: You are not starting training tomorrow morning you just need to be online for just 1hr -2 hrs..You are advise to be here online by 8 am tomorrow morning so i can attach you to your training supervisor that will instruct you on the use of the software and he will be in charge of your duties

This means As soon as your working equipments are available, My superior’s will reach you in person along with your Position offer-documents and your working papers. Also they will put you through our company guidelines under US Human Resources Laws and Regulations

You would be eligible to Benefits after 2 month of working with the company


Alison –

Victim Location 38562

Type of a scam Employment

This was reguarding employment for data entry or customer support. First emails asked that we communicate through hangouts. I supposedly interviewd with Allison Stewart. She connected me with a teaining supervisor : Bryan Lathorp. He reinerated that i would be provided with a apple computer fax/scanner and iphone. The next day someone named Benjamin Chwartz send a message saying a check was sent out and i was to deposit it and send him a copy of the deposit slip. I had questions that where ignored which sent up red flags. You could also tell by the way they typed using wordsvin the wrong way. I immediately stopped all communications with them.

Tasha –

Victim Location 33801

Type of a scam Employment

She told me a little about herself. Sarah Clark, age:53 and her position is the personnel manager. I told her my name, age and what I do. It was for a data entry/call center rep/customer service. She told me about the position and a little bit about the company. They were going to mail me a check to set up my work from home office. I had to get the supplies from a company vendor. I received an email about the job from [email protected] and we connected through Google hangouts: [email protected] Training was for 2 weeks at $21/hr and after training it would be $30. I questioned Sarah about the legitimacy of the position since we only connected through text and not video chat and this was the response: "You are a big fool even if this is not legit will I tell you the truth. For your information this is real. Just do what I ask you to do if you need this job." So I contacted *** at the Boston and she told me that it sounds scammy and that the check will be fake and by the time the bank finds out, I will have already given the website for the supplies the full amount of real money and I will owe the amount to the bank plus a returned check fee. I have a copy of the email and a thread from our hangouts convo.



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