Claiming to be with Hasbro

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Clayton – Jun 30, 2020

Victim Location 04240

Total money lost $2,450

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by what seems to a fake recruiter on LinkedIn on June 18. I viewed her profile and it seemed legit. She offered me a job and I immediately accepted it. After couple emails back and forth about the job description, she asked me to provide my address and my phone number to send me a “check” to purchase the equipment required which are a computer, phone, and a secure printer. While I was skeptical, I emailed my personal info. Two days later the check came in the mail. She asked to deposit the check into my account. I followed all the instructions she gave me without questioning but something didn’t feel right. The check was the amount of $2950 which composed of $2450 for the equipment and $500 for my first week pay. Shocking! After I deposited the money into my account, she asked me to send the money via digital money courier (e.g. Zelle, CashApp, Apple Pay). Zelle didn’t work so I ended using Apple Pay to send $2450 to supposedly a supplier who would send the equipment. Then it hit me that this doesn’t make sense. Because I needed the job that I ignored my first instinct. I took a screenshot of everything that happened including our conversations, the check, and the emails. I’ll include them as an attachment below.

I tried including all the screenshots but it wouldn’t let me so I attached below her LinkedIn profile.



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