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Alejandro –

Victim Location 97239

Total money lost $2,000

Type of a scam Debt Collections

About 3-4 months after an accident I had in April, in which I was at fault for hitting another person’s vehicle, I received a letter from Claims Resource Services reminding me of how much I owed Geico. It also said that if I didn’t make any attempt to contact them and arrange payments, the amount owed may go up.

There was a whole packet of info containing the costs and lists of the medical treatments. CRS kept sending me a recurring letter each month, so I called the guy I was instructed to call, and he conveniently knew about the packet that arrived in the mail. So, I thought it was legit and paid what they called a “settlement”. I lost $2000. This happened in September 2019, it is now December, and I’m learning that CRS is unheard of by Geico, State Farm, etc. So I’m literally hyperventilating that the amount I paid isn’t even a down-payment. Claims Resource Services is not real and must be shut down!

Keith –

Victim Location 91752

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Sent me an invoice to collect for an accident that wasn’t revealed it’s very vague and not accurate nor doesn’t make any sense.



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